Shard of the Traveller (Voidwalker)

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++ The Sludge, European Dead Zone, Earth.

Ghost: This forest again… well, I can’t say our last trip wasn’t memorable. Let’s see what we can find.

++Guardian follows stream into the Dark Forest.

Ghost: Whoa! Um. Knock knock?

++ Portal appears and Guardian enters.

Ghost: Gotta love the ambience… Hey! Do you see that? Over there. The light.

++Light projection of Ikora Ray appears.

*Toland: This is the shape and the point of the tooth: Nothing has ever lived that will not die. Now I fly between green-black suns in the labyrinth beyond Crota’s god-star. This is the Overworld, the Sea of Screams, where the throne-universes of the great Hive fester in eternal majesty. I move among them. I map the shapes and connections of this world.

++The voice stops. The Guardian continues up the path, and a projection of Ikora,now standing, appears.

Toland: I want to appear in the Tower and taunt them. Lo, lo, I never sleep. I dance in light and shadow. I will never sleep. I will never die. I will never die. I ask them: if you followed your laws here, to this trembling fearful place, what use were those laws here? But I have work to do. I shout into deep places “Osiris!” I call, “Osiris, Osiris! Can you hear me?”

++The voice stops again, and the Guardian moves up to the next projection: a Cabal.

Toland: The Traveller came out of the void that surrounds all things. Thus we know the void is full of power. Thus we enter the void without fear. Small minds will call your abilities blasphemous. They will compare you to the abominable Wizards of the Hive.

++Voice stops again, and Guardian sees Fallen of House Dusk.

Ghost: Heads up! Fallen!

++Guardian proceeds to kill Fallen in the area. Another portal appears and Guardian enters. A light projection of Ikora appears.

Toland: But you will not be held back. Gifted with the Traveller’s light, armed with the secret physics of a lost age, you will tear reality asunder. You will fest nothing, and nothing will fear you.

++The voice stops. The Guardian moves along the path, and a new projection of Ikora, now running, appears. A new voice starts to speak

*Tyra Karn: What is the Void? When you walk it, what is there to experience, as there is nothing to be seen in it. The vacuum between the stars. The smell of rot. The taste of metal. The deafening roar that can only be heard when it is truly silent. The shamans of the old world were said to have covered their eyes so they could see the dead. I believe these men and women were the first to discover the power of the Void, and in the Traveller’s light we have succeeded in refining their methods, in charting courses they pioneered. When you blink, you’ll know the way.

++The voice stops and the projection disappears. A portal appears further down, and the Guardian enters it.

Ghost: Another shard of their Traveller! But we’re not alone.

++The Guardian clears out the fallen that are in the area surrounding the shard.

Ghost: This Shard called us here. I’m sure of it

++The Guardian interacts with the shard, gaining void power and becoming a Voidwalker.

Ghost: The shard gave us a gift. Let’s use it.

++The Guardian kills the Fallen in the area until none are left.

Ghost: I’m picking up Fallen radio chatter. They’re calling reinforcements.

++The Guardian clears the area of Fallen.

Ghost: Incredible. If that was a test, I think we aced it.

++A portal appears near the shard a d the Guardian enters. the Guardian appears at the mouth of the cave where he / she entered the Forest.

Ghost: I’m sure the Traveller called is to the forest deliberately. It’s amazing th at even a corrupted Shard can still do so much good.

++Mission ends

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