SIVA Returns in Destiny 2!

So I watched another one of Byf’s video up top and found that there is a very high chance that SIVA is returning in Destiny 2. I wanted to check with all of you guys (and girls) on what you thought.

I somewhat disagree with Byf, because he states that Exodus Black is infact Malahayati’s ship. There were many ships in the Exodus project, and while Black might be the ship, I don’t believe so.

The thought of SIVA Vex is scary, but honestly, what terrifies me most is SIVA infected Cabal. The Cabal already have enough power to block us from the light. If they were to get their hands on the SIVA, they would be a major force to be reckoned with.


This is a great video from My Name Is Byf, but just sharing a video is easy to do. I would love it if you shared your thoughts on the subject that it discusses. What about the video do you disagree with? Are there any other theories that could fit the facts? Who else has something to say about it? (In this case you have a head-start here, as My Name If Byf even links to Myelin’s video on the subject ;))


Love your update, @Phoenixfiend :slight_smile:

That’s a great point. I’m not sure if I missed something in the video, but I never considered Ghost Fragment: Old Russia 4 to be from the point of view of Malayahati. Rather I thought that it was from the point of view of a (relatively) simple ship mind, like that of Exodus Red.

And you’re not worried about SIVA infected Hive? :wink:


This is really interesting!
We KNOW that SIVA is still out there because of the grimoire which states that.
However, when reading that card I got the feeling that SIVA was far far away.


SIVA was deployed on (most?) colony ships, and Exodus Black was definitely one of them. The real thing to think about is where did the siva go on Exodus Black? Maybe under the surface of nessus with all that debris…

The more I think about it, the more it seems that SIVA was not on Exodus Black, or was destroyed in the crash. If the vex found it, they would immediately try to find out how it worked, then add it to their network. If the fallen found it (again), we would see SIVAfied splicers once again. The cabal are a wild card. They might destroy it as a threat, or use it to their own ends. Very interesting to think about.

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The SIVA from the Exodus Black may still be (or was) working as intended and could be (or was) under Failsafe’s control, it could explain how failsafe’s systems have been maintained over the hundreds of years since the Exodus crashed.

Dialogue from when failsafe is inactive says that all siva containers are corrupted and cannot be accessed. I’m guessing that failsafe was just really lucky that the fallen didnt rip her apart faster.

This was concept art for Destiny 2. Notice the SIVA Logo on the blue-green outpost.

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And on the booster of the ship on the top left. It does seem that they were going to put siva as a large part of nessus, but scrapped it before development. It is true that there is (or was) siva on the ship but it was most likely destroyed or just is stuck in a box somewhere.

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It also appears that Siva is coming from the ship. Observe the close-up below:

And yes, I know it looks like a face.