Small Lore Bite: Epiales

Got bored so got proper lore for my Guardian, well here it goes.

Epiales is a strange Guardian, you could him reckless, or you can call him stupid, Cayde took a liking to him, because Epiales kinda resembles him and acts like young Cayde, but one day Cayde hopes he can teach him how to become a proper leader. Epiales likes to spend his time killing things, provoking fights with other Guardians, and eating ramen. Epiales wants to become the next Hunter Vanguard and impress Cayde, but for now, he just kills things that gotta be killed.

Good job on the small lore tidbit, actually i’m Working on a lore tid bit that will be about one of my guardians, will probably posted sometime today

Here’s the link: Some Lore for one of my guardians

Thx, and I’ll go check it out