So I had this idea for a Pinnacle Weapon

Hey, everyone. I (very) recently did another post just like this - making an idea for an Exotic weapon concept - and I had this idea for another. One I’ve actually had in my head for a long time.

The inspiration:

Little known thing about me - I love writing. People have congratulated me on the way I write, and on my creativity as well. My sister and I like to draw - I like to believe I’m better at it - but everyone always asks me the same questions.

“How do you come up with a character this detailed in appearance and personality so fast?”

Practice, patience, and time.

A long time ago, I’d created a character that was the embodiment of my ideals, philosophies, hobbies, passions, dreams and desires - his name was Aaron Keyes.

In short, Aaron was an inter-dimensional mercenary-gunslinger-dude who was basically summed up as the most chaotic good you will ever find - dude used a Thorn made out of Ahamkara bones to slay an army of Vex and the mind that controlled them - without using the Light. Dude’s lightless.

But this is an idea for his gun - The Devil’s Dead-eye. So let’s get started.

Weapon name: The Devil’s Dead-eye.
Weapon type: Hand Cannon
Archetype: Lightweight

Weapon description:

“Shaxx hates this thing? Wow, what a compliment.” - Aaron Keyes

Impact: 100 emoji.
Range: 70
Stability: 45
Handling: 80
Reload speed: 30 (becomes 50 due to MW)
RoF: 150 RPM
Mag size: 6
Aim assist: 10
Recoil direction: 90 (just to throw you off a bit. You’ll understand why.)

Perks: (Three exclusive perks)

Perk 1: Custom Firearm: This weapon has greater accuracy when aiming, and does extra damage to the head. Body-shots slow your target.
Perk 2: Hammer-forged Rifling: Increases range.
Perk 3: High-caliber Rounds: Increases range, causes targets to flinch more.
Perk 4: Skeletonized Carbon-fiber: This weapon is extremely lightweight, and can be drawn quickly. Boosts move speed by 5.
Perk 5: Outlawed Hardware: Reloading this weapon with Lucky Pants will load 2 rounds instead of 1.


Aaron stood in the hallway, ignoring the Ghosts that were flying around. They were recording the action that was going to happen soon.

At the other end of the hall was Lord Shaxx - holding a mighty hand cannon in his holster. They both knew the rules - anything goes, just don’t give final deaths.

Aaron chuckled. He was no Guardian. He couldn’t come back from death, and yet he was staring down the biggest Titan in the Crucible.

Aaron looked down to his holster. Inside of it was the iron he trusted to a fault.

A Ghost fluttered by, standing between them as the referee and gave them the countdown. The countdown 'til the draw.


Aaron drew his Devil’s Dead-eye, barely looking as he squeezed off a shot. The 'Devil in his hand exploded, ringing out like a hammer-strike. Shaxx fired back, aiming for Aaron’s left shoulder.

Aaron pivoted on his right foot, dodging Shaxx’s shot and double-tapping Shaxx in the head. The first bullet went through his head, causing his Ghost to flutter by for the rez.

The second bullet shot Shaxx’s left horn off his helmet.


Thanks for reading this Pinnacle Weapon concept (Yes, I said ‘Pinnacle.’ not ‘Exotic.’) and I hope you enjoy the idea! I’ve actually just decided that I’ll take weapon requests! Respond to this (or any of my others) with a mention of me, and give me a weapon type, or a theme (E.G. “Vex,” “Fallen,” “Fusion Rifle,” “Sniper Rifle,” “Cayde-6,” “Weapon of Sorrow,” “Crucible,” or even “Gambit.”) and I’ll do my best to come up with a good idea, and I will mention you in the ‘Inspiration’ section of the post.

Now for more about the gun. Devil’s Dead-eye is a Pinnacle reward for Gambit/Crucible (bet you didn’t see that coming.) The quest goes as follows (yes, it is meant to be hard.)

  1. Earn ten “Army of One” medals in Gambit Prime. Medals earned during the Primeval Phase count more towards progress.
  2. Kill a 20-mote Blocker. You must land the final blow.
  3. Complete the ‘Protect the Runner’ challenge in Gambit or Gambit Prime (one player collects and banks 100 motes, not losing any.)
  4. Earn 5 multikill medals in Gambit or Gambit Prime.
  5. Reset your Infamy Rank, or win a match of Gambit Prime in which you summon your Primeval and kill it before your enemy gets to 60 Motes.
  6. Earn 50 Hand Cannon precision kills in Crucible.
  7. With a Light level of 650 or lower, win 5 matches in Iron Banner. Wearing [that armor you get from the opening mission in the Red War campaign] will multiply your progress by 5.
  8. Earn any Gold medal in Crucible or Gambit.
  9. Reset your Valor Rank, or earn the medal “Seventh Column.”
  10. Go to the Drifter to claim your reward.

That’s the quest. In return for this blood-soaked grind, you are rewarded with a weapon that could, I don’t know, one or two-shot an enemy in Crucible, and also doesn’t consume your Exotic slot. A massive reward for a massive grind.

What do you guys think? Horrible idea, right?

EDIT: I forgot to mention what the gun looks like. It’s skeletonized, so it kinda looks like a half-built frame, and it’s full of carbon fiber. It looks like a Tex Mechanica Hand Cannon (more resembling Ace of Spades than Last Word) and there’s a logo on the cylinder and grip - of a four-horned demon (looks like the demon from Apex Legends, but I swear to you, I thought of it first.) and it has a sniper crosshair for its right eye. SEXYYY~~~

First, sounds like a fun gun. Second, I’m pretty sure it was Saladin’s fault that Shaxx lost his horn. (I think)

Maybe. My Character was basically a fanfic. He travels between dimensions, so he could’ve shot Shaxx’s horn off in a parallel dimension or something.

cool little titbit for a pinnacle weapon. Think you could do one for shock blades or spear things that the Fallen use as a exotic?

Also, I really don’t feel like this would be to difficult. The hardest part is the reset. Maybe too easy?

My one problem with this is that it would take really long and a lot of RNG for regular people to get it, while tryhards like Gladd or Cammycakes would get it the first day and destroy everyone for the rest of the season. Otherwise I kinda like it.

Well… it certainly makes it seem like a Destiny nerd’s wet dream of a character (but we all have those characters whether we’re proud of it or not). But he seems interesting, and I am sure Aurus would have met him.

Shock blades, you say? Fallen-themed? I think it would work more as a Hunter armor piece than a weapon. Hunters use knives, so the Exotic could edit your melee or something.

Okay, I had this amazing idea as I was writing this!

I call them “Dreg of Dregs,” - an exotic Hunter chest armor that has an absolute SH!T ton of knives strapped to your sides.

Perk: Over-adaptive: Your melee now deals elemental damage when your melee ability is not charged. Hold [melee] to change the element between Solar, Void, and Arc.

When you hold the button, an animation plays, showing that you’ve changed your melee element. The animation is where your Hunter twirls the knife in their left hand, holding the blade up to show the selected element.

Coolest part of the armor? It glows on your character! The glow corresponds to the selected element.

I got you. I just added a Valor Reset to the requirements. I didn’t do Glory because I f*cking hate Comp.

Heh. You should meet Aaron’s girlfriend, Tanake.

You should meet Saiki, oh wait, she’s dead. Perma dead, twice. Uh… I guess you could meet the Arc? A Vex who is basically the Laws of Reality. The person who rped her made her to have a crush him =/

… I want to say this is getting off topic but I want to hear more

Well me n Hex can make a chat for this if you want =/ I don’t mind sharing my characters.

I’ll create it. Here’s the link @Aaetheon @Jubi

Love the idea, but you might want to make it a couple more handcannon precision kills because of such a focus it has on headshots.