Some category stuff

The category seems entirely eclipsed by

In addition, the festival of the lost categories (, are separated by year, which isn’t replicated among any other categories, and hasn’t been continued for the destiny 2 festivals.


Was there even any lore for Festival last year?

I think there are two issues here, and it might make sense to have two separate topics, but equally the reason for those two things is related, so here goes…

Originally the Ishtar Collective didn’t have Releases or Updates, and it didn’t have the ability to perform searches within a specific release, e.g. Show me everything from Forsaken containing the exact string “festival of the lost”.

The Festival of the Lost categories exist because at that time it was the only way for me to group the things together and make a post about what had been added. Updates and Releases mean I don’t need to do this any more — when a bunch of new documents are added I can link to the Update that is automatically created.

There may still be benefits to having categories like “Festival of the Lost 2018” but I don’t think it’s as useful as it was when those categories were created.

The “Dormant Siva” category exists because I made that category, and then later realised that the SIVA.MEM category made more sense, but the first category was already out there.

And this is where the two issues are related — I don’t like deleting categories :slight_smile:

I want to stop showing the list of all categories on the homepage, because sometimes we learn that the categories that we added aren’t as important as we first thought. So maybe we should stop showing “Dormant SIVA” on the homepage.

What would you do @Vox_Maro?


Ah, thanks for explaining this @baxter I understand the situation here a bit better now.
Most of this is just me nit-picking over minor inconsistencies honestly.

Thinking about it, the festival categories are probably fine, as you said the release search is probably good enough for the people who would actually go through holiday event lore.

With the Dormant SIVA category, personally I would still remove that one, as it isn’t a useful category and doesn’t have consistency with the calcified fragments (I presume the taken king equivalent).

However, hiding categories from the front page as an alternative to straight up deletion does make sense, although I’d personally prefer hiding categories to be done as little as possible.

I hope this makes sense to you & conveys my viewpoint and opinion on this matter appropriately.

(also sorry if I’ve been a bit pester-y with the category stuff, I just try to help out how I can).

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There is absolutely no need to apologise! I am really glad of your posts. Finding inconsistencies and inaccuracies is awesome and I really appreciate it! :smiley:

I think you’re right about Dormant SIVA, and I can set up a redirect so that anyone that was going to that page will be redirected to SIVA.MEM instead. :+1: