Some improvements


Certain parts of the Collective hasn’t been updated since The Taken King came out. The timeline says nothing of Rise of Iron or the Age of Triumph, and many summaries of major categories are incomplete – i.e. Dredgen Yor. I understand that it is site coding and not like a conventional wikia, but its been roughly a year and a half since those bios were updated.

Hopefully an update will be soon, especially with D2 on the horizon. Wouldn’t want to confuse newcomers now, wouldn’t we?


We are updating category summaries at the moment, especially Dredgen Yor and related categories.

The timeline is a difficult one. There are always things to do and it never gets prioritised. I have been discussing possibilities with @PurpleChimera for a while now about how best we can proceed with that. I’m really pleased with how the transcripts project went, so we may do something similar for the timeline. :slight_smile:


No problem. Always glad to help.


I’ll lend a hand as well if I can.