Something I Think Would Be Cool For Destiny 3

So, as we know, Destiny 3 is in the works. And, from what i’ve seen, a LOT of people are throwing out their own ideas for it, and I want to too. Hence, this Topic.

Something i’d think be cool for Destiny 3 is something that Ubisoft has done. In The Division 2, you’re tasked with taking back control of Washington D.C. Eventually, you do, but victory is short lived. A secret military group flies in and takes over in a single night, making the entire playable more dangerous than when it started. These “Black Tusk” are practically the Yin to your Yang. Their technology is on par, maybe even somewhat greater than yours. They even appear in the high-tier PvEvP areas known as “Dark Zones”, raising the area’s difficulty to a point where even the highest leveled players still struggle.

This, in my opinion, would be a pretty cool and fun thing for Destiny 3. How they could fit this in, I can’t really think of. Maybe we take the solar system back just to have the Darkness come and practically undo everything we worked so hard to do, infesting the planets and moons with its strongest of minions, enemies of true Darkness, to a point where The Last City truly becomes the only safe place for humanity and guardians in the system. This, as well, could also lead to what everyone has always wanted, a Darkness subclass. Maybe have the setting like this. “As a guardian who has treaded the line of good and bad for so long, with every other guardian either dead, or coming back to the city practically on the brink of it, you see that the only way to truly combat and push back the Darkness is to use it. The only way to win, is to risk it all and rely on a powerful force other than the Light.” How does that sound? This could maybe even lead to, from what I know, something no one has thought of. A kind of mixture subclass of the Light and the Dark. Combining the Logic of the Sword (simple yet deadly) with the Logic of the Bomb (complex yet deadlier).

Actually I figured we would probably have a choice of drifting between the light and dark with the drifter or fighting with the vanguard and maybe if we choose drifter we get access to the darkness subclasses but if your with vanguard you don’t

Okay, this is something I want BIG time. A more choice driven game. If this is gonna be a shooter with RPG… might as well add a core element of RPGs (imo anyway). A choice system. Of course not every choice would result in a different outcome, but have there be small choices, and huge, game altering, choices. This universe that Bungie has crafted has an incredible amount of potential. Unfortunately, most has been wasted by either the demands of Activision, or the poor planning of the company (as much as I hate to admit the latter).

Something I would really like to see is a prequel of Destiny. Which I think should be called “Destiny: Legends Lost” or something of the sort. Wherein we play the part of famous figures such as Toland the Shattered, Osiris, Saint-14, and many others. Seeing the famous occurances (or infamous) from a first hand account. It could even be a different guardian who is just observing these events.This (imo once again) would be more geared for a single player campaign and then maybe a more LoL or Overwatch approach to PvP/Multiplayer -though I believe this should be a single player only game… You never really know, do you?

This I believe would be something to outline the lives and hardships these prolific figures, guardians who are not this special, one and only, “Chosen of the Traveler.” Possibly even have it be choice driven and have multiple endings for different characters, life or death choices. There are many things I want to see happen and I think many of them may be out of Bungie’s ability sadly. A man can dream though.

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