Something I'd like for D3

So, I was thinking about how D3 is in the works, I had a idea that i though might be really cool with all the ship designs it has and yet we only use them to fly from place to place.

So, here it is: I thought that maybe we could finally have the chance to actually pilot the ships we have, not just use them to get from place to place.

If they added this as a feature, then there could be a lot of things they could do with it, like make a death star run style mission on one of the tetrahedron ships to disable it, or just one where you have to maneuver through some asteroids to flee from some sort of enemy skiff or harvester.

And that way, ships wouldn’t more then just a cosmetic thing; each exotic ship would have some sort special ability, where one might be able to boost speed or maneuverability for a short time, or in the case of the Kingsfall style ship,(don’t remember the name of it off the top of my head) would have passive regeneration.

So, what do you guys think? Possible or just sounds cool?

ps, i was playing Elite: Dangerous when i thought of this, so sorry if that influenced the idea to much.


I love the idea but I’m not sure bungie will do this in the base game of D3. If they do, it would probably be part of a forsaken type DLC update.

It’d be pretty slick. Bungie made the space mission in Halo: Reach, so we know they’re capable. I could see it as a story mission.

This has been suggested since the launch of D1, and Bungie have never done this.

And honestly, I don’t think that they should do this.

Destiny is a shooter with RPG elements (or an RPG with shooter elements, but I think it’s probably the former). If Bungie dedicate people to working on ship combat, that’s less people working on the core gameplay.

It could work, and it could be cool, but there are other things that I’d like more, personally :slight_smile:


What would you like @baxter?

Hehe, lots of things!

The thing I would like most of all is if the next chapter of Destiny doesn’t take anything away from us.

In D1 I had a very special connection with lots of the items that I’d acquired, and the adventures that I had gone on to get those items. I was very attached to certain locations as well. Going from D1 to D2 and losing those items, and losing access to those locations, was really frustrating, and I hope we don’t have to go through that again!

Another thing I would like to see is a heavier focus on the RPG side of the game. Shifting from the shooter with RPG elements to an RPG with shooter elements is appealing to me, but maybe that’s not for everyone!

I think beyond that, having a space that we could customise with our achievements would be really cool. I know some games have the idea of a clan/guild headquarters, and I think that could work well.

I would LOVE to see what our clan headquarters would look like. Id imagine it to have tiny nods to different parts of the lore. Kind of like the name of the clan. Just figured that out :laughing:


I think the clan headquarters is a good idea and it would fit in well with the roomers of the possibility of having major faction battles that change who rules an area

The old super system was pretty good and I think they should tweak it with more branching paths like a skill tree system, also I want to see them bring back the old level up your gun system because I wanna feel dedicated to my weapon.

Customizable Clan Headquarters. Now that would be awesome.
What if they also allowed us something similar to the Forge mode in Halo? Where we could build our own maps and whatnot? That’d be a lot of fun.

Yep that would be dope

Yeeeessss and weapons that you can pick up that are more powerful but temporary for weapon pad like thing or like a weapons crafting table where you can forge your own weapons with their own effects and stuff. Or like that glitch in Forge where you can blend weapons together like a Gauss cannon combined with a Spartan Laser where the Gauss fires while it’s charging! I also wanna see Gjally back but that’s just me.

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I think having ship combat could be workable, if they made tank, sparrow, pike etc. fun while having combat stay fun it could work

Wait. @jamesdrgreen. That’s already in game though. Or do you mean other ways for those ideas?

i want the old system back with all of its paths and abilities but expanded upon for D3 and in D2 there is masterwork but it’s just not the same. I want to earn my perks not just get them instantly when i pick them up; I want my guns to be my babies that I raise and grow into warriors

We should of had gjallerhorn instead of warcliff coil aka dubious volley

I really hope this happens. I mean it isn’t like Bungie doesn’t know how to do it they have done aerial vehicles and space combat before in the Halo games (most notably Halo Reach with the Anchor 9 mission). I think that ship fights could work very well especially if Lord Shaxx oversees the dogfights

Well, the space flight section in Reach is extremely a set piece moment. It’s really simplistic and would become stale if it lasted any longer than it does. You do it once and it’s cool but it’s over before the initial wonder fades. Destiny, by contrast, is a game about replaying content. The flying would have to be much more involved if it were to be a new staple of Destiny gameplay. Or it would have to be set piece again, something you do once in the campaign for a short while.

That’s not to say Bungie can’t do it, it’s just not something they have experience with. Putting effort into getting flying right might just not be feasible. I’d love to see it happen, but I think it’s pretty unlikely. Although I recall hearing that flying was planned for D1, but was scrapped because they didn’t have time/resources to pull it off? In which case they might have some work done that they could salvage, and not start from nothing. But, uh, that’s extremely speculation based on something I’ve heard somewhere but can’t remember where, so, take it with at least a spoonful of salt.

I used Reach as an example. I didn’t say that they should base their entire system of flight on 1 mission in a single player game. I used Reach as an example to show that they ARE capable of flight combat. That being said, I did like the Anchor 9 mission and I feel that aerial combat that is reminiscent of Halo would be cool to see in Destiny.

If they did add in flight, I think it would most likely be part of a story mission, like with the tank in base D2 but if they fleshed it out it might be extremely cool pvp mode as well