Splintered (Unlock Stasis Subclass)

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Name: Splintered
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSwqqwNMaPY&list=PLS2hBTtCDufSHbfySALquiFIOrnasnAVY&index=39
Recorded: 2020.11.12


++ Beyond, Europa

** After talking to the Exo Stranger, the Guardian approaches the Ziggurat.

Ghost: The Ziggurat, the Crux, the Splinters… all the Darkness here on Europa… I thought I could stand it, but… I had no idea we’d be here for so long. Or that you would keep getting closer and closer to it.

** The Guardian attunes Eramis’s Splinter of Darkness to the Ziggurat’s glyph. The Guardian is teleported inside the Europan Pyramid.

Ghost: I just want you to know… I’m here with you. Through Light or Dark… we’re partners. Always.

** The Guardian ascends up the stairs and approaches the Veiled Statue and embraces the Darkness within. The Guardian is teleported back to Europa’s surface.

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