Spoiler - Gameinformer article on Destiny 2's story

I know that pretty much everything in here has spoilers, that’s the nature of a Lore site, but this article contains a lot of spoilers for Destiny 2, so don’t read it if you don’t want to know anything about Destiny 2!


Some interesting quotes:

The above quote seems especially relevant to the discussion on the difference between the Darkness and the Cabal.

I’m really excited to see how the story is told and how these things develop. It will be really interesting to find out more about the nature of Light, even if we don’t get to find out much more about the nature of the Darkness (yet).

I’m also really surprised that this article confirms that the former Emperor, Calus, was overthrown by Ghaul! That’s not something I would have expected to be shared ahead of the launch of the game.

Overall I feel like Destiny 1 is a game about mystery, and Destiny 2 might be the first step in beginning to answer some of those mysteries.


Wow, very interesting article! Some questions answered and some more questions raised.

A move away from the Darkness could also mean that we may not be seeing Gaurdians turning to the Darkness as many had predicted after the AoT Grimiore releases about the Shadows of Yor.

The quote about the Hive worshipping the Darkness suggests that the Darkness and the Deep may in fact be the same thing; a popular interpretation which had yet to be confirmed. It also makes me wonder whether the Vex would be considered to be of the Darkness since they mimic Hive worship rituals.

Overall, some significant lore predictions dispelled, or at least postponed. Very interesting!


More than that, he overthrew him thousands of years ago, so Ta’aun was reporting to him!

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Wait, If Ghaul overthrew Calus, why would he have stayed Commander of the Red Legion? Or did he appoint someone under his command as Emporer?

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Emperors in ancient Rome were often military commanders, hence the word “imperator”, from which we get our word “Emperor”. Legates were appointed by the Emperor to lead a legion and were usually Senators or governors. It’s possible that Dominus is either the same as Legate or literally the Cabal word for “emperor”, because it does actually mean “lord”, from the Latin itself.


Dominus means Master - usually of slaves.


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