[Spoilers] Possible SIVA Expansion

At this point we all know that Outbreak Prime has returned (tho technically as Outbreak Perfected) this mission and the lore suggests that Eramis, the Shipstealer is trying to reunite the Devil Splicers. So she sent her crews to plunder the Last City for remnants of SIVA. Her crews failed of course by The Guardian and the help of Mithrax. Now my theory is that after Season of Opulence, the next Season will focus around Eramis and her trying to reunite (or possibly already reunited) Devil Splicers. She will plunder the Exodus Black of it’s SIVA cache and other colony ships and maybe even the Cosmodrome. Our helpers in all this would most likely be Mithrax. If not then maybe Failsafe. Then we go fight Eramis in a raid and whatnot. So what do you think? P.S plz bring back the devil’s color.


yep outbreak prime is back and for people who didn’t get it in d1 this is great

Yep. I’m currently on the mission to get it, looks real fun and good. As for the dlc, I agree that would be cool. According to rumors, year 3 is going to be another annual pass with a larger content drop for the first part of the annual pass instead of three small ones. MAyeb the large content drop could be this expansion? on a note, they also added the SIVA symbol as a ghost projection…

They also added a SIVA symbol on a The “First Domino” ship which was available in festival of the lost.

you KNOW that is the quest for it? Kackis said it most likely wasn’t in the game yet.

Please add a spoiler warning/tag to your post. The quest became available just today and not everyone knows about it yet. There are people who don’t want to get spoiled about the quest until they’ve had a chance to do it themselves.


Is it good now?

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You have been warned.

Yes. I am on the quest. It is out, and the mission is VERY similar to WOTW. You have a 20 minute time limit. and have to do a mixture of parkour and clearing rooms of enemies. For more detailed guides on how to do the full quest, ask cause I don’t want to give too much away.

Yeah that’s fine, Thanks Crystal!

Your welcome! :slight_smile:

This was probably the one exotic no on expected to come back

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this is awesome, I going to put all of my Warmind/Siva items on and go work for Rasputin for a while

Can’t say I’m not exited for it to come back, but I really wish that it had been Hawkmoon instead of it.

According to rumors, hawkmoon is coming in Penumbra

found out about this quest not just a day ago, though I play on Xbox i’m exited to see what this new pulse can do. on the matter of a new SIVA raid, well even though I’ve never played D1 I never really felt the need for another, now the oryx/crota raids and any “purely fallen” raid sounds nice. I’m hoping we can get an experience similar to those first two with the Savathun arc. to be truthful I don’t raid often and quite possible the most ive ever raided was when the first two came out, after spire I just generally stopped, hell I haven’t even finished Spire or the black armory raid. On a side (and more on topic) note, I would love to have some more SIVA weapons and hidden quests like this, with the crazy
parkour options It should be somewhat easy/difficult to hide a quest or two

You missed out dude. Raids were so much fun (Crota especially)! WotM was… hard but rewarding and fun. Getting the Outbreak Prime felt incredible, like an achievement.

Dang. I really didn’t think they would bring this back.

Something i’ve noticed about it is the name. Outbreak Prime being brought back as Outbreak Perfected kind of goes in toe with Sepiks, from Sepiks Prime to Sepiks Perfected. Anyone else catch that or just me?


I posted something about that in our private messages. Are you in that or do you need an invite?

I HIGHLY doubt there will be a season 8 (of new content at least). We know content for season 7 was already finished before Activation and Bungie split (Bungie thanked VV for making the content for season 7). Tons of leads at Bungie have left very recently (6 as of now) which indicates that they are switching to a new project.
The new project could be Destiny 3, or whatever they are making for that Chinese company they made a deal with.