Stranger in a Strange Land (Fourth Visit)

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Name: Stranger in a Strange Land (Fourth Visit)
Recorded: 2020.11.12


// REFERENCE {item:Stranger in a Strange Land}

++ Beyond, Europa

** After defeating Eramis, Kell of Darkness, the Guardian returns to the campsite in Beyond.

// NOTE The Guardian speaks to Eris Morn
Eris Morn: You’re far from true mastery, but your progress with Stasis marks a step forward for our cause. Hopefully, your example will encourage others to explore this path. The Vanguard view us three with suspicion. But you… you, they trust. Show them it is not misplaced. Demonstrate how the Darkness can be used for good, Just as the Light has been for evil. This is only the beginning, Guardian. We have much more yet to uncover…

// NOTE The Guardian speaks to Drifter
Drifter: That power looks good on you, kid. Real snappy. When the world goes to hell, folks like you and me just keep on going. Still gotta work. Still gotta get paid. Bring those new fancy powers through Gambit sometime, huh?

** The Guardian approaches the Exo Stranger.

Exo Stranger: You see now. Darkness resides within, beckoning you, as it has many others. Across lifetimes… timelines. Beyond ours lies another world. One pervaded by Darkness. Where Guardians abandoned their Light at the call of temptation. In that world… you were no exception. But here, in this world, Light and Dark swell within you, side by side, giving you strength. Remember that when you step onto the Ziggurat once more. You’re there for one reason, and one alone: to fully harness the Darkness within you. It’s time now. They’re expecting you.

// REFERENCE {item:Enhanced Splinter of Darkness}

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