Stranger in a Strange Land (Second Visit)

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Name: Stranger in a Strange Land (Second Visit)
Recorded: 2020.11.12


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++ Beyond, Europa

** After defeating Phylaks, the Warrior, the Guardian returns to the campsite in Beyond.

// NOTE The Guardian speaks with Eris Morn
Eris Morn: Understand, Guardian. This power we wield is not a gift from a benevolent overseer. It is a tool, stolen from an enemy. One that is all too tempting to abuse. I know this well. Before the Stranger came to offer her guidance, I despaired of my entanglement with the Darkness. I shudder to think how easily I could’ve slipped down the path to destruction. How anyone could. A balanced mind is the best defense, Guardian. Do not let fear or anger tip the scales.

// NOTE The Guardian speaks with Drifter
Drifter: Once word get outs about Stasis, the Vanguard’ll be bleeding schmucks. Can’t show a Lightbearer a new toy and then tell 'em not to play with it.
Eris Morn: You underestimate Zavala and Ikora. When they can see what we’ve seen, they will do what’s right.
Drifter: Maybe, Moondust. Maybe.

** The Guardian approaches the Exo Stranger.

Exo Stranger: Eramis’s presence on Europa is not happenstance. Temptation set the wheels in motion, but obsession propelled her here. To destroy the Light with an army of Darkness — she and her followers make those selfish choices moment to moment. The Darkness places a spotlight on our desires as it once did me and those I cared about. For a time, I had forgotten… Humanity relies on our selfless acts to bring about a better world. Darkness is no more than a tool with which we do so. With Splinters of Darkness still in hand, Eramis remains an immediate danger to humanity. Look within. Focus your power. Let it grow: The Ziggurat awaits.

// REFERENCE {item:Enhanced Splinter of Darkness}

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