Strike - Warden of Nothing

Name: Warden of Nothing
Recorded: 2019.11.1


++ Airlock Six, Prison of Elders

Drifter: Hey, it’s the Chosen One and his Ghost. Still trying to save the universe?

Ghost: Just the Reef. Escaped prisoners are destabilizing the region.

Drifter: Ha. Well, don’t let me stop you. You’ll want to kill the Warden’s Servitor. Thing’s gone wackadoo.

** The Guardian heads deeper into the Prison of Elders.

Warden AI: Prison of Elders welcomes you. Impress your Warden, yes?

Ghost: I thought Variks took off.

Drifter: That’s the Warden’s Servitor that went insane soon as Variks left the building. Must have some codependency issues. It’s running the whole facility on a subroutine it calls “Challenge of the Elders”.

** The Guardian defeats the Vex and opens a door with a Prison transport stationed ahead. Ghost scans a nearby terminal.

Ghost: Only way to go deeper is past this prisoner transport. Drifter, you seem like you’ve got some intel on this place. How many cellblocks did they open?

Drifter: Let’s just say you’re in for the biggest gunfight to ever happen in prison. I’m a little jealous.

Warden AI: Incoming.

** The Guardian heads through the tunnels, avoiding the oncoming transports and defeating the Vex and Cabal which they encounter.

Drifter: This is one o’ the Vex cellblocks. The Awoken dragged all kinds of subtypes outta their 'hoods. The ones that survived are some tough sons.

** The Guardian enters a large area and the defeats the Vex in the area. Apaktos, Oxidizing Mind appears.

Warden AI: Important target, Guardian. Kill or be killed.

** The Guardian defeats Apaktos, Oxidizing Mind and enters a tube which transports them up to another part of the Prison.

++ The Arena, Prison of Elders

Warden AI: Cabal war machine is on the march.

Ghost: There were Red Legion in here? Good. I hope they stewed.

Drifter: They started the war, but they’ve lost everything.

** The Guardian continues further into the Prison, defeating the Cabal which they encounter. Eventually the Guardian enters an open area where they find Vex and Cabal fighting. The Guardian defeats the Vex and the Cabal. Three splinter mines appear in the area.

Warden AI: Dismantle mines, yes? Or, you die.

** The Guardian dismantles the splinter mines and defeats the Vex and the Cabal. Ta’aul, Disgraced Colossus appears.

Warden AI: You face the final round. A mighty Cabal warrior challenges you.

** The Guardian defeats Ta’aul, Disgraced Colossus and heads towards the airlock.

Warden AI: Stand proud. You survived the Prison of Elders. Treasure awaits below. It calls to you, yes? Retreat to airlock.

** The Guardian jumps down to a series of platforms until they reach a room with a large gold chest.

++ Correction Labs, Prison of Elders

Drifter: Are you a hero, or an executioner? 'Cuz I can’t tell. That’s why I like you. Ridin’ that thin, thin line.

** The Guardian opens the chest and it disappears.

Drifter: Haha. Looks like the Trickster left you a present. I always hated her. Ha, but she made me laugh.

** The floor disappears from under the Guardian and they fall down to an area below.

Drifter: Hey, get ready for the biggest gunfight ever fought in prison, That crazy Servitor’s down here.

** The Guardian jumps across to an open area and defeats the Cabal and the Vex in the area. The Mad Warden appears.

Warden AI: An old friend is here Judgement at hand.

** The Mad Warden releases Vex and Cabal prisoners.

Warden AI: Vex reinforcements advance

** Edyx, Exothermic Mind and Zhagal, Disgraced Colossus appear. The Guardian defeats the Mad Warden, Edyx, Exothermic Mind, and Zhagal, Disgraced Collossus.

Ghost: What’s your scam here, Drifter? You always have one.

Drifter: No scam.

Ghost: My Guardian just annihilated a small army to kill one Servitor. You have an army?

Drifter: Careful who you threaten. I just wanted to help one of my favorite Guardians out. Guy can’t do that? I thought this was a new Golden Age. Be kind to each other, am I right?

Ghost: …I’m sorry.

Drifter: You’re the sorriest thing I ever saw.


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@Sekuiya it’s fine for Connor to do a separate post for a strike transcript like this. We were initially going to put as many dialogue variations as we could into a single video for each strike, but there’s so many variations that it’s difficult to put them all into one video. We decided that it’s easier to get a video of the dialogue from a single strike run and do a transcript of that, so at least there’s a transcript for the strike on the Ishtar site. Any dialogue variations can be added to the transcript later. Clips of variations can be added to a playlist on youtube, similar to what’s been done with some of the other transcripts, like the pilgrimage patrols.


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@ConnorOtter thanks for doing the transcript for this strike. If possible, if you’re doing transcripts of a full run through any other strikes, could you please upload the video of the dialogue to youtube and post the link in the transcript? If you can’t upload them to youtube that’s fine, just let me know and I can do it. Thank you!