Summoner's Circle

Name: Summoner’s Circle
Date recorded: 2017.02.01


Warping to the Dreadnaught
Eris Morn The machinations of the Hive never cease. By your hand Oryx has been thrown from our world. But his will still drives the horde, clawing at the light. In the depths of the Dreadnaught, a coven of Acolytes gestate an abomination- a warspawn of the Hive, pulsing and growing in a pool of taken power. We cannot suffer this beast to live.

Transmatting into the hull breach on the Dreadnaught
Eris Morn The priests of Oryx work their spell deep in the heart of the ship. Your goal is simple; summon the beast before their work is complete. Begin with the crackling green core of their magic. Find champions of the Hive and destroy their souls.

After collecting 3 Taken Polyps
Eris Morn The soul you have harvested screams for freedom. Find a tomb husk and give it purchase.

Ghost Hey! A tomb husk!

Picking up the tomb husk
Eris Morn The souls nestle within the husk. Find its gestation pit and summon forth the beast. Do not allow the worm to complete its cycle. End it now.

Depositing the tomb husk, The Infantine appears
Eris Morn Send it back to the void!

Destroying The Infantine
Eris Morn The Hellmouth, the Chamber of Night, the Taken. Always have the gods of the Hive worked against the light. Today, you held them in check. Today, you held them in check. Today, the Darkness gained no ground.

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