The Aeon Cult: Messages from a new power in our system?


Bruh, This is som e of the best lore analysis I have ever seen. Most people just go with what the cards say but you are a true detective man. A+


@TKfromthe90s @FutureLoreCult I’m so impressed with the work you guys have done with those cryptic messages and working out the right order for them! Well done!


This is awesome. Great work @TKfromthe90s, @FutureLoreCult and @baxter! things like this is why I’m so happy I am on this site.


This is dope.

Aeon Cult tech seems very Vex-y. The idea of sharing energy and power, talking about Osiris and his studies, talking about predetermination (simulations?), “shared dreams” (Vex are of one mind)…


Hmmm… in the Trials of Osiris card it states that it wants the fireteams to work together effortlessly, as if in a hive mind 1.
2, maybe the six eyes mentioned in the final message are the nine(?) or maybe the leadership of those triangle dudes :man_shrugging:


Im just curious but how are you making a connection between Osiris’ cult and the Aeon Cult? As far as the eyes go i tend to shy away from relating them to the nine as whenever there is talk of the nine there are always nine members.

Even in The Long Walk in which the ghosts could be considered “eyes” there are ghosts labeled up to 9.


That’s why I considered the second option because the message says that something is looking from beyond, I interpreted that statement as a “fly on the wall” group of entities that are planning on intervening. Either in our benefit or not. The only groups I know are “flies on the wall” is the leadership of those triangle people because they haven’t intervened yet, and the Nine.
Or the eye just refers to the Osiris logo


While the idea of the Nine is interesting,I’m gonna have to say no. I’d say it’s pretty clear that it’s referring to three Guardians, and as far as we know, there are no Guardians amongst the Nine, considering the way Xur and the Emissary address us, and what they tell us of the Nine. In regards to the “Alone I see with my six eyes. Eyes watching from beyond the heliopause.” While I do find it interesting, I do not believe we can conclusively say what exactly this refers to. For example, the statement could be referring to seeing other eyes watching from beyond the heliopause. It could be referring to the cult itself, certainly, but given that they appear to be Guardians, I favor the idea that they believe they are the only ones aware of the eyes beyond the heliopause. That only their eyes can see it, in a way. Hope that all makes sense!


The one theory I saw that made the most sense was that the message is from kabr. His assimilation with the vex made him confusing to everyone else, but it also makes some sense with the “six eyes” thing. Past future and present kabr is “Alone I see with my six eyes”

just a thing


Wow. I realized the messages were linked and put them together, but I didn’t even think to dissect them the way you did.


Wow, that was intense


I’m wondering what “they” are- Vex? Ahamkara? Ghosts?


This seems to be a warning from the fireteam. It almost sounds as if they are trying to help us unleash our full potential… through them!