The Coming War Transcription

Name: The Coming War
Recorded 28th January 2017


Guardian flies toward Cliffside Fleetbase Korus, Phobos

Commander Zavala – Guardian, this is Commander Zavala. The Cabal base on Phobos is blasting a signal across all channels. If they’re willing to break transmission silence, this could be a prelude to a full-scale assault.

Ghost – We’re setting down on Phobos now.

Commander Zavala – I’ll be monitoring your feed, Ghost. Good luck to you both

Guardian lands in canyon just outside Fleetbase Korus

Cabal everywhere dead, Harvesters flee base.

Cabal base explodes

Ghost – Zavala, the Cabal are evacuating with extreme prejudice. They’re getting torn up down here.

Guardian enters fire stricken base

Eris Morn – Something has drawn us here. I can feel it.

Commander Zavala – Guardian, I have asked Eris Morn to monitor the channel.

Eris Morn – I hear…whispers in the dark.

Guardian navigates through Cabal base

Beam of light flashes and disappears

Commander Zavala – What the hell was that?

Eris Morn – Fingertips, on the surface of my mind!

Commander Zavala – Yes…thank you for your input, Eris.

Cabal caught trying to escape the base, debris falls on elevator

Eris Morn – The whispers are louder. I will endure.
They speak a word. A name.

Smoke, in the shape of Oryx appears in front of Guardian

Eris Morn – He…is here!

Oryx – Light! Give your will to me!

Taken army appear, swarm guardian

Syrok, Word of Oryx killed

Eris Morn – You have seen his face. It was His hand that transformed the Cabal.

Commander Zavala – This mission is scrubbed. Guardian, get to your ship and get out of there.

Guardian hastily finds an escape route

Commander Zavala – The base is a loss. We have reports of these “Taken” across the system. Go! Get out!

Guardian begins descent towards ship, witnesses’ severe chaos

Ghost – Our ship’s landing across the airfield, Hurry!

Guardian battles through waves of Taken forces

Ghost – We’re almost there!

Guardian escapes Skyburners Keep

Ghost – Zavala, we made it to our ship. We’re heading home.

@ZeeFour I’m really sorry, we already have the opening cinematic from The Coming War, just not the mission dialogue… My goal was to split cinematics that felt independent to a mission into separate transcripts… Not sure if I’ve followed that consistently though :slight_smile:

Would you be able to upload a version without the opening cutscene?

Is it the Awoken battle cutscenes or the Guardian approaching Phobos?:neutral_face:

This is what we have already:

Okie dokie.

If I’m understanding this correctly I’ve kept the flying into Phobos and escaping onto the ship.

I don’t have the Awoken massacre or the Get your Rock off my map cutscene.

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Ok I updated the link and the transcript :full_moon_with_face::+1:

Created The Coming War based on this post.