The cyclical nature of the Destiny timeline

Just a quick comment to get some conversation going about this topic.
Look into the mirrored timeline our guardians are in the middle of,
If you use our guardians “birthday” as a center point you can move forward and backward in time to events that mirror each other.
From our raid on the vault of glass and Kabrs lost team, up to Ghauls invasion and the collapse of our golden age.
This wheel of mirrored events started with the events on fundament and has been looping since.
I will try and explain.
When the collapse happened, it was a major event for sure. We were starting to expand out into the universe, The traveler gave its life, pushes back the darkness, our golden age ended, and the darkness became known to us. Just to name a few.
On the other side of the timeline we have the Red War.
Everything from the collapse is mirrored in this battle.
An enemy comes from the universe
Ghaul tries to steal the power of a god and is killed by an awakening traveler, the traveler calls to the darkness,
Our age of darkness from D1 was replaced with as bungie noted with D2 “light”. Even our quest to regain our light can be seen as a mirror to our realization that we have light after the collapse.
This example is not alone in the story and the pattern holds true For every bit of content the have released. And I can guarantee this will hold true until after your guardian returns his/her ghost to the traveler.

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What do you mean by “returning [our] ghost to the Traveler”?

Probably by having done our duty to protect the traveler and no longer needing our ghosts so they return to the traveler

Just a hunch lol, if we started the loop on fundament that is where the hive took the worms from their god, the mirror to that event would be the guardian returning the ghost to the traveler (our symbiotic companion) and returning the power of the “gods”

Gotcha. This is an interesting look on the events. I am not sure I quite get it yet, but it is a fun thing to puzzle over.

Now I have not looked into this aspect yet but honestly I’m sure it will line up.
Looking at our content drops and how each successful raid in or time is a loss in the past, the same must apply to crimson days and the thorn last word battles. Check it out. If that won’t prove my theory I don’t no what could lol.

What is the connection you are seeing between Crimson days and the interaction between Dredgen Yor amd Jaren/Shin? I am missing it I think.

ayy brother at best this is a very loose connection

I see every event in destiny as a flip of events in our history in the same order from the point of your guardians 1st rez.
Our time we defeated VoG
In our past we lost Kabrs team.
We killed crota
Eris lost her team
House of Wolves
Reef wars
Slaughter on the moon
Iron lords
Iron lords lol.
Age of Triumph
Dark age


D1 crimson days falls in the timeline between oryx and iron lords.
In the destiny history much of the thorn last word story happens between the iron lords and the guardian slaughter on the moon.
The slaughter on the moon is the mirror to us killing oryx and the iron lords getting defeated by siva to us winning out over it.
Just as those are mirrored images of each other so to is the 1v1 of hate to the two guardians team of love.

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Oh I see what you mean now. I would have described it as each event fulfilling or fixing an event in the past but the more eclectic definition of mirror definitely works as well.

If you can see how I view the mirror images of our history and present, let’s push the time frame back past the collapse and forward into the next dlc.
So we know from the trailers that the next expansion will involve the black garden on mars and the moon including the vex and the “darkness”
So let’s look at the history just before the collapse for those elements in the lore.
So we know when the traveler reached mars 3 astronauts went to meet it. I believe the ascended into the traveler.
We are going to mars to descend down to the black garden, but so many things happened on mars at that time.
Now we have the moon, we know the “darkness” is going there now, could they of come from there during the golden age? We don’t really know when crota first came to the moon but I bet this will fall in line when they release the expansion.
Ya putting crota back for good in the next expansion will perfectly mirror his secret arrival in the moon.
If you know enough of your grimoire cards you will know what the mirror to the vex would of been. It’s not just the first vex hive meeting but includes the joining of minds between the vex and us.

Every bigger calamity - your every bigger triumph.(looks like I’ve made some legendary item description)

Lol even bungies split from activision mirrors their joining in the destiny timeline lmfao.

Well, the astronauts did not ascend into the Traveler. They remained human and at least one went on to study the mathematics and physics of the Traveler. Crota most likely arrived sometime between the Collapse and the founding of the City. We had colonies and infrastructure on the moon that would have noticed an entity such as Crota during the Golden Age. The Darkness is said to have entered from outside of our Solar System in several of the Rasputin Gcards and 1 or 2 entries in Marasenna. Never the less, the Moon has played a large part in our story in Destiny and was due for a re-emergence in D2.

Mars was humanity’s first personal interaction with the traveler, the moment when we were first “touched”
Nothing is truly said about what happened to the astronauts when they met the traveler but we know they don’t really remember but they did show back up on earth. Nobody knows where the darkness came from, but we do know crota found the traveler and told his daddy, and was to to lie in wait I believe.

I think oryxs sister/s learned of the traveler too and came through Croatas oversoul to invades our space and eat the traveler before big brother got there.
Traveler goes oh $#!+ and pushes the darkness out into space and crota back into his oversoul.

The Awoken play a roll at this point as do the vex but of course every species has a climactic event all leading up to the collapse.
Of course

Please allow me to speculate a bit more.
To bring the awoken into the picture let’s just pretend what I believe to be true about oryxs siblings trying to double cross him and with the unknowing/knowing of Crota came to eat the light out of the traveler.
Now they could of “come from the moon” :wink: or used crota as a beacon to find our solar system.
Either way the traveler reacts with the light bomb (story is unclear) and in turn creates new races by fusing the hive and fleeing humans, and the hive and vex, these new races became the awoken, and the robot necromancers that are coming back as I type :crazy_face:

oof. You lost me. The awoken are most certainly not merged with the Hive as far as the Lore is concerned.