The Devil’s hand quest

Quest name: Highway to damnation

Step 1: the postmaster has a letter for you guardian, pick it up to begin a new quest

Step 2: the letter is from the drifter saying hey, it’s your old pal the drifter, i dug up an old essence for the lecturn of enchantment on the moon, it’s a curious thing, if you want the weapon it can give you find me on the moon.

Step 3: you meet up with the drifter and he hands you the list of parts, it tells you that you need to get the recluse, mountaintop, revoker, Randy’s throwing knife, Luna’s howl and the not forgotten

Step 4: after you gather the items the drifter says it requires you to to gather 4 cursed weapons which are the thorn, lumina, rose and last word

Step 5: the drifter says that the essence requires battle experience with a specific weapon which require you to get rank legend in infamy, valor and glory without removing the ace of spades from your primary slot (you can remove it when not in a match but it must always be equipped when in a match)

Step 6: the essence is almost ready, the drifter tells you all we need is a deal, a deal to seal the essence, complete the mission “dance with Damnation”

Dance with damnation mission: you find a place in the hell mouth containing creatures close to demons, you fight your way through them to find a devil, you defeat the devil and in his dieing breath he puts a seal of damnation on your ace of spades.

Step 7: last step is to gather 30 Phantasmal fragments, 5 phantasmal cores, 100,000 weapon parts (they can be in your vault if need be) and every D2 raid exotic (this includes the legend of acrius, Terrabah, one thousand voices, anarchy, and the divinity)

Final step: you turn in the quest to the drifter at the lecturn of enchantment and in return he gives you the Devil’s hand exotic hand cannon

That’s quite a difficult quest, and one that I would never be brave enough to even consider starting.

The exact difficulty to get a weapon like the devil’s hand