The forum need to be more active

I just received the member badge and saw that I was one out of about 60, due to my love of this game’s lore and my frequenting of both the website, forums and discord, for the first year of my playing I relied on the website alone only now coming here and after a couple months here I feel saddened by the lack of activity, anyways, keep your friends close and your ramen ticket closer, this is Mech-1, signing off.

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I agree!

I find myself checking in daily just to see anything new, but it’s pretty slow. Maybe it will speed up during curse week?

Us Hunters get bored with the lul’s. -And by lul’s I don’t mean laughter.

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I totally agree that it can be slow at times, but well thought out theories and connections in the lore take time. While I definitely wish it could happen faster and more often, I can understand why it doesn’t.


The Discord server is still the most active place to discuss lore stuff and mess around to an extent.


Maybe we could make the Forum more advertised on the site? I didn’t find it until recently, and I’ve been reading since Rise of Iron. We could move the Commons banner underneath the featured section on the home page and increase its size.


this is a great idea and I would love to see it implemented, perhaps on the main page where it slides between certain lore entrys

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I know, I frequent there whenever im bored @abowlofruit12 perfectly understandable and I do the same but I am not the most patent of people, when it stagnates I get bored quickly. @GrayOrbOfLight yes, yes we do fellow hunter.

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