The Guardian Games: Closing Ceremony (Season of the Chosen)

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Name: The Guardian Games: Closing Ceremony (Season of the Chosen)
Video URL: The Guardian Games | Closing Ceremony | Season of the Chosen - YouTube
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Recorded: 2021.05.07


++ Tower Courtyard, The Last City, Earth

** The Guardian speak with Commander Zavala about the closing ceremony of the second annual Guardian Games.

// REFERENCE {interaction: Commander Zavala — Guardian Games}

Zavala: Congratulations on your performance in the Guardian Games. Your teammates are grateful for your efforts. With that competitive fire, I know we’ll always show strong, whatever the outcome. However, now that we’ve united the Tower with a much needed break, it’s back to business. Hidden reports from Vex sectors grow more troubling by the day. Whatever they’re planning, I know we can overcome it. As long as we stand together.

// REFERENCE {interaction: [Commander Zavala — Closing Ceremony}