The Lost Splicer

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Name: The Lost Splicer
Video URL: The Lost Splicer | Meet Mithrax, the Kell of House Light | Season of the Splicer - YouTube
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Recorded: 2021.05.11


Ikora: It’s been a long time, Guardian. My Hidden report that Mithrax was last seen on Europa, helping Variks evacuate Eliksni defectors. Both the Vex and Eramis’s loyalists are down there hunting for survivors, shooting anything that moves. Be sure to shoot back. We need Mithrax alive if he’s to help us with our Vex problem.

++ Eventide Ruins, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

Ikora: You’re closing in on some residual signals. It could be Eliksni bound for House Light… or it could more of Eramis’s loyalists. Cleat the Vex and introduce yourself to the survivors. Make it known you’re not a threat… unless you need to be.

** The Guardian encounters the Vex while investigating the last known location of Mithrax.

Ikora: Empty. The Eliksni cleared out before the Vex showed up. See if you can learn where they’re headed.

** The Guardian interacts with an Eliksni terminal.

Mithrax: — over their possessions. Trigger message repeat. This is Misraaks. To those who who renounce the violence of House Salvation and seek refuge in the House of Light… I will be landing a Skiff near Asterion Abyss. Bring only what you need. We must prioritize survivors over their possessions. Trigger message repeat.

Ikora: Asterion Abyss. That’s their rendezvous point. A single Skiff recently touched down near your position. It’s got to be Mithrax. Hurry, Guardian. Before he takes off.

** The Guardian witnesses a trail of smoke at a crash site in the distance and heads for Mithrax’s rendezvous point.

Ikora: Mithrax is wrapped up in some dangerous business. It’s a bad time to ask for a favor, but he and his House of Light still worship the Traveler.

++ Asterion Abyss, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

** The Guardian approaches Mithrax’s ship. The Guardians eliminates the Vex.

Ikora: That heat signature — flames. Someone brought down the Skiff! Quick now. Secure the crash site and assist the survivors… if there are any.

** The Guardian clears the area of the Vex.

Ikora: The Vex took down the ship and ambushed the Eliksni defectors. There are bodies in the snow… nothing can be done for them now. Mithrax must have led a few survivors out, but they’re completely exposed. Eyes up. Move.

** A snowstorm brews while the Guardian searches for Mithrax and the surviving Eliksni.

Ikora: You’re close… and I’m picking up unusual energy spikes ahead. Be ready for anything.

** Mithrax leads Eliksni refugees into a cavern.

Mithrax: [grunts] The Guardian is almost here. Stay down, stay quiet.

Dreg: How do you know we can trust them?

Mithrax: I don’t…

Eliksni Hatchlings: [crying]

Mithrax: … but the Light provides. [grunts]

** Mithrax exits the cavern and approaches the Guardian.

Mithrax: Guardian, I find you in the Light. And on your signal… Ikora Rey?

Ikora: Mithrax-kell, it is an honor. We have been searching for you for some time.

Mithrax: This is known. You are not the only one with hidden eyes. Many enemies pursue my House of Light. We did not wish to be found.

Ikora: Then times are desperate for us both. The Vanguard seeks your assistance.

Mithrax: I am aware. Vex systems pulse with talk of the City’s Endless Night… but my people demand much protection. If this Guardian could assist me in blinding the Vex here, we can speak without risky more bloodshed.

Ikora: Blinding the Vex… My Guardian will do whatever you need.

** The Guardian follows Mithrax as he creates a portal into the Vex domain.

Mithrax: I have opened the door for you, Guardian. Will you walk the path of the Sacred Splicer?

The Guardian witnesses the Eliksni refugees

++ The Outer Nexus, Vex Network

** The Guardian enters Mithrax’s portal to claim data on Mithrax’s Eliksni.

Ikora: Did you send them into a Vex simulation?

Mithrax: The path before them is no illusion. The Guardian ventures deep through the Vex domain itself, where the machines guard their most precious secrets. I will clear the way.

** Mithrax creates structures for the Guardian to cross the chasm.

Mithrax: You move freely through space none but our most skilled Splicers can even perceive. The Light shines strong within you.

** The Guardian defeats Vex units.

Mithrax: Hold fast, Guardian. I will alter the fabric of these Vex system to aid you.

** The Guardian defeats more Vex units.

Mithrax: You are further than I have ever been… find the Vex curator. Destroy it and claim the living code woven through its core.

** The Guardian approaches a closed space. Subjugated Curator appears. The Guardian defeats the Subjugated Curator.

Mithrax: You must flee! Now! Do not fall in that Lightless place!

** The Guardian flees while a Vex security protocol closes in on them.

Mithrax: Hmm. Another power works against me, pushing back. This is troubling.

** The Guardian reaches to exit point and the Vex prevent the Guardian from exiting.

Mithrax: The system is collapsing! Hold strong. I will create another exit!

** Mithrax pulls the Guardian out of the Vex domain.

Ikora: Vex signals are dissipating from your region. They’re leaving.

Mithrax: Yes. With the core you hold, the secrets of the Vex reveal themselves to us. To study such an artifact would benefit us both… but there is no time. My people must move on if we hope to survive.

Ikora: Mithrax. I saw those who wish to join you dead in the snow. Let them be the last to fall. Come. Shelter in our City — you and your people.

Mithrax: Ikorakel, can you offer the Eliksni such a thing?

Ikora: I just did. You’ll be under the Vanguard’s protection. The Vex are the enemy here, and any Lightbearer who disagrees can take it up with me.

Mithrax: Then we accept, with Light in our hearts. We will join you in your City… beneath the Traveler.