The New Kell (Second Mission)

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Name: The New Kell
Video URL: Destiny 2: Beyond Light Campaign | "The New Kell" (Second Mission - Transcript) - YouTube
Recorded: 2020.11.11


++ Charon’s Crossing, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

Ghost: Variks. The power Eramis used to trap you. Was that…

Variks: Darkness? Yes. We call it Stasis. Power in opposition to your Light, given by the Pyramid.
[insect-like chattering] It led Eramis astray. Europa was to be a haven for Eliksni But Stasis corrupted her. With it, she turns obsession into opportunity, working in haste to empower Eliksni with the Dark gift. If Eramis is not stopped, she will build an army capable of snuffing out the Light, once and for all. [insect-like chattering]

++ Eventide Ruins, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

Ghost: This is what remains of Eventide, Clovis Bray’s Europan colony. Built to house those who came to build Exo… and to become them. So you came to Europa to what? Hide from the Vanguard?

Variks: Variks knows of the “elephant in the room.” Cayde-6’s death was not my intention. No day passes without regret. I will answer for these crimes. [insect-like chattering] But not before my people are safe from Eramis.

** The Guardian uses a lift to access the Fallen city.

++ Riis-Reborn Approach, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

** The Guardian approaches an overlook of the Dark Empire’s city.

Ghost: That dome, is that where you live?

Variks: A pinnacle of hope for the remaining Eliksni, but a standing reminder of Eramis’s betrayal of Variks. [insect-like chattering]

** Heavy Shank, House Salvation appears. The Guardian defeats the Heavy Shank. Ghost disables the Fallen barrier.

Ghost: I feel it again — the energy I felt earlier. It must have been Eramis using Stasis.

** The Guardian approaches a shield with an unfamiliar seal.

Ghost: The Darkness trail Eramis left behind leads right through that door. But it’s locked.

Variks: [insect-like chattering] With Stasis, yes. You will not be able to break through.

Ghost: Then we’ll find another way around.

Eramis: … you’re all here for the same reason. Because you desire freedom for our people. And I can give you just that.

Ghost: Eramis is close. She’s ours now.

** The Guardian spies on Eramis as she showcases the Darkness to the House of Salvation.

Eramis: Chains! For centuries we have been bound by them. Servants to the co-called “Great” Machine. We even built idols in its image. We have become pawns of our own devices. No. Longer. [shouts]

** Eramis freezes the Servitor behind her.

Eramis: Today… we begin breaking free from our chains. [grunts]

** Eramis shatters the Servitor. The Fallen congregation below Eramis are astounded by her actions.

Eramis: This power is a gift. One I will share with all of you, in time. Phylaks!

** Phylaks approaches the Crux of Darkness.

Eramis: One by one, we will rise again.

** Phylaks receives a Splinter of Darkness and attaches it to her armor. Phylaks summons a wall of Stasis in front of the Fallen congregation.

Eramis: This is our future! Our enemies stand no chance against this power. The Great Machine will finally know our pain!

** The Fallen congregation chants approving Eramis and the power of Darkness. A Dreg points out the Guardian’s position to Eramis.

Eramis: It would appear our enemies have arrived, eager to test us. Let’s not keep them waiting.

** The Guardian searches for an escape from Riis-Reborn.

Ghost: Oh no, this — I can feel it. It’s too powerful!

Variks: Eramis has begun spreading Stasis to her army. You must get out now!

Ghost: I’m calling our ship. Let’s go!

** Phylaks, the Warrior appears.

Ghost: Don’t stop. Keep moving!

** The Guardian eliminates Fallen while evading and surviving Phylaks’s use of Stasis and exits the building into the Fallen City.

Ghost: They actually have Darkness. The Fallen. This is really bad.

** The Guardian emerges from the building to find more Fallen soldiers.

Ghost: Ship’s here. To the left!

** The Guardian fights through the Fallen to their ship.

Ghost: There! Across the gap. Go!

++ Charon’s Crossing, Europa

** The Guardian returns to Variks after escaping Riis-Reborn.

Variks: Variks believed Eramis wished to create a new life for the Eliksni. But these dark powers have poisoned her mind. And so I fled from her. For this, she calls me betrayer. [insect-like chattering] There are others who fled. Those, like me, who still worship the Great Machine. They are in hiding. I will not leave them behind. They will be casualties in her war without our help. But perhaps they can be brought to safety. [insect-like chattering]

// REFERENCE {interaction: Variks the Loyal — Beyond Light}

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