The Richest Dead Man Alive | All Messages from Wilhelm-7

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Name: The Richest Dead Man Alive | Messages from Wilhelm-7
Video URL: Grasp of Avarice | 1st Message from Wilhelm-7 — Day 2 | Season of the Lost
Playlist URL: Grasp of Avarice — Bungie 30th Anniversary (Season of the Lost)
Recorded: 2021.12.07


++Skywatch, Cosmodrome

**The Guardian finds the first message from Wilhelm-7

Wilhelm-7: It’s the end of day 2, and I’m thinking that damn Vandal outsmarted us. When we chased him into the loot cave, I was sure he’d lead us right to the source of the treasure. But this just looks like… A regular cave. I haven’t told the team we’re lost, but Bismarck’s getting suspicious. That Ghost is too clever for his own good. Not ready to turn back though. There’s treasure here…there’s got to be.

**The Guardian finds the second message from Wilhelm-7

Wilhelm-7: It’s day 4, and still nothing. No gold-plated engrams. No Exotic drops. Just more Fallen and Hive with their stupid Mos Ultimas and Scavenger Suits. I heard Bismarck talking to Pershing and Agadir when they thought I was asleep. He wants us to turn back. But we can’t. Not yet. The Exotics are just around the next corner. I can smell them.

**The Guardian finds the third message from Wilhelm-7

Wilhelm-7: It’s the end of day 6 and… we did it! We found the source of the loot! Broke into a chamber and it’s wall-to-wall engrams, Glimmer piled to the ceiling! Top-tier loot as far as the eye can see! We’re gonna go as deep as we can. There must be even more ahead! We’ll figure out how to split it all up later. Should be easy with so much of it.

**The Guardian finds the fourth message from Wilhelm-7

Wilhelm-7: Day 10. We’re deep in the cave system now, and each cavern’s richer than the last. Deciding who gets what is tougher than I thought. Pershing shot Agadir over a mid-tier pulse rifle he already had! Agadir’s Ghost came out hollering, and Pershing damn near shot him too before I stepped in. There are more engrams here than a body could ever need… but nobody wants to part with their cut.

**The Guardian finds the fifth message from Wilhelm-7

Wilhelm-7: It’s day 14, and Pershing’s dead — permanently. Agadir went Golden Gun outta nowhere and shot his Ghost. Pershing tried to throw up a barrier after — hm, didn’t do him any good without his Light. He died standing there like an idiot. Bismarck says we should go back to the surface, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna leave all this loot for those greedy Cryptarchs. At least there’s a silver lining: Pershing had some nice gear. It’s mine now.

**The Guardian finds the sixth message from Wilhelm-7

Wilhelm-7: Day 18. I got Agadir hauling the loot like a pack mule, using a sled I made out of old Fallen armor. Problem is, the deeper we go, the better engrams I find. The sled’s fit to burst, and Agadir’s about to drop. I… better be careful not to overwork him… he got much weaker after I killed his Ghost.

**The Guardian finds the seventh message from Wilhelm-7

Wilhelm-7: Day 22, and Agadir’s gone. I caught him trying to steal from me — take what’s mine. I pushed him down a sinkhole, about 30 meters, and dropped a grenade down after him, ha. It’s quiet as a tomb now. Just me and all this loot… and Bismarck. He says we should leave. Says there’s a curse. Says this place is changing me. I know he wants to come back later with some Cryptarchs and clean the place out. Heh… I’m not falling for his tricks.

**The Guardian finds the eighth message from Wilhelm-7

Wilhelm-7: Day 30. Bismarck won’t come out, so I’ve been hauling engrams alone. I dropped one, chased it down a crack in the cave floor… right into another loot cave, even richer than the first! [cackles gleefully] Hey, Pershing! Just pulled a god roll of the shotgun you wanted! You hear me? Where’d you get off to… Ahh, to the victor go the spoils, and nobody’s more spoiled than me!

**The Guardian finds the ninth message from Wilhelm-7

Wilhelm-7: Day 38, and I finally got rid of Bismarck. I knew he’d been plotting something, so… I… laid a trap for him: I shot myself! Ha, right in the meaty part of the leg. And when that little snoop compiled to see what the fuss was all about — BLAM! Heh… I put one right through his beady little iris. I… probably shoulda let him fix my leg first… eh, it’ll be fine…

**The Guardian finds the tenth message from Wilhelm-7

Wilhelm-7: Day 40. Uh… I forgot how much a body can bleed without a Ghost to stop it. Don’t matter though. Ain’t nothing more loot can’t fix. Just one more cave… and a couple more Exotics… just a little further…

**The Guardian finds the eleventh message from Wilhelm-7

Wilhelm-7: Day, uh, can’t count. My leg’s burning, I — [gasps] no time to stop. Almost to the center. All the — all the loot in the galaxy, right here. Oh, just for me now. It’s mine… it’s all mine.

**The Guardian finds the twelfth message from Wilhelm-7

Wilhelm-7: Eh? What’s that… I hear you, sneaking around… You… you’re — you’re here to take… to take what’s mine! DON’T YOU TOUCH NOTHIN’! IT’S ALL MINE —

Compiled all the individual Wilhelm-7 topics into one. Credit to @tensbane for transcribing the first message.