The Scarlet Keep (Post-Campaign)

Name: The Scarlet Keep
Playlist URL: The Scarlet Keep Post-Campaign Strike Dialogue | Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - YouTube
Recorded: 2021.06.15


++ Sorrow’s Harbor, The Moon

Eris Morn: I must once again ask you to venture into the dark. Move quickly but carefully, Guardian.

++ Scarlet Keep, The Moon

** The Guardian heads into the Scarlet Keep, defeating the Hive which they encounter. The Guardian discovers a raised bridge, requiring two void charges to be deposited in order to lower the bridge. Hashladûn, Daugther of Crota appears above the bridge before retreating further into the Scarlet Keep. The Guardian deposits the void charges, and the bridge lowers.

Ghost: The bridge is lowering. Let’s move.

** The Guardian crosses the bridge and continues deeper into the Scarlet Keep, defeating the Hive which they encounter. The Guardian arrives at a locked door requiring three Hive altars to be captured in order to be opened. The Guardian captures three Hive altars, and the door opens. The Guardian goes through the door.

Eris Morn: Do you feel it as I do, Guardian? A hatred as pure and potent as sunshine, soaking through your skin? Hashladûn knows what the Guardians have done. She watched as her lineage fell, one after the other – Crota, Oryx, Omnigul. And she is eager to return that pain.

++ Tower of Woe, The Moon

** The Guardian heads towards the Scarlet Keep’s tower, defeating the Hive which they encounter. The Guardian enters the Scarlet Keep’s tower and defeats the Hive in the area. The Guardian begins ascending the Scarlet Keep’s tower. The Hive attempt to halt the elevator by using crystals protected by Hive Wizards. The Guardian defeats the Hive which they encounter and destroys the crystals. The Guardian reaches the peak of the Scarlet Keep’s tower and encounters two Hive Wizards empowering a Hive rune which locks a gateway. The Guardian defeats the Hive Wizards, and the gate opens. Hashladûn, Daughter of Crota, with nowhere left to retreat to, enters the arena through the gateway.

Ghost: Here she comes!

** The Guardian defeats Hashladûn, Daughter of Crota.

Ghost: Eris. It’s over. Hashladûn is dead.

Eris Morn: This is a relief to hear. But Hashladûn’s presence is no coincidence. The Hive must have grander ambitions for the Pyramid’s influences. Return to me. There is much to discuss.

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thank you for transcribing this! looking perfect.

right about here, in-game location changes to ++ Tower of Woe

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Thank you for the feedback! Fixed up the error, my mistake for missing that bit.