The Shadow’s story part 3

Hello everyone, here is another part in shadow’s story, hope you enjoy

Then he flies to the dreaming city and heads to the blind well and rips a part of the ascendant portal it protects and creates a taken blight from it. He puts it in a plastic ball on his belt. He then takes his taken armor and puts it, the whisper, a vision’s confluence from the vault of glass and the first curse in the taken blight. He then puts on gambit prime hunter armor and he is shot in the head by another hunter hired to kill him, he dies. James Returns to the drifter, his mission a success “hey James, I have news” he says “what?” James asks “I found out what you used to be” drifter says “what is that?” James replies “you were a man named the shadow who died a couple weeks ago, he was a hunter, he set this up and put that armor on before he died so you would wake up when you did” the drifter says “wow, this is new” James says as he is shot, dies, and then resurrects which lets him into the memories of before he was James, his armor turns into the taken hunter from destiny 1, the whisper of the worm appears on his back and the first curse appears in his hand. “That cannon, it’s a rival to the last word, I like that, it means you will stay on my side” drifter says “yes it does, I am the shadow” the man who was James says

Constructive feedback: I like the story, but I feel like it is EXTREMELY rushed. There aren’t many details, and most events happen in one sentence or less. Otherwise, I like the story.

K, there is more to the story that in haven’t posted yet

You do know you can just make edits as you go to the original thread right?

Yeah but there’s a word limit to posts (or I would assume so) so I broke the story up into parts

Trust me, you could post the entire story into a single post. I mean look at this post that longer than all three of your stories combined: Yeah you can probably write your entire story. Unless they added a smaller cap since that. Also it’s very interesting. Here’s the rest of the discussion: The Aeon Cult: Messages from a new power in our system?