The Shadow”s story part 4 (final part)

James is now back to being the shadow, he heads to io where he finds some ahamkara bones that speak to him “hello oh’ founder mine” it says to him “hello ahamkara, I give you the choice of what you will become, a weapon or a armor piece” the shadow replies “I wish to be a blade that you can cut down your enemies with oh’ bearer mine” it says, The shadow nods and pulls out some old hive bones, a hunter’s knife and the 6th book of sorrow. He opens the book to a page of making weapons out of human weapons and bone, he says the chant and the hive bones form the handle while the ahamkara formed the blade and then he said another chant which gave the knife an ability, the ability to resurrect him without light, he just has to be holding the knife when he dies

The Shadow Had finished listening to the drifter’s 7 tapes for the 50th time, thoughts swirled in his head, he decided to go to the iron temple. He used his taken blight to teleport there, he walks up to Saladin “hello there young wolf, what questions do you have?” He says “why did you and the iron lords let a village perish just to ambush the warlords?” The shadow asks “we had to, no other choice” Saladin replies “you could have set up a fake camp in the woods and lured them that way, you didn’t need to waste the lives of civilians, just like aunor, your reckless, she took an entire city block out for 1 person, if that’s not injustice i don’t know what is” The shadow says “well if it’s to stop evil then it’s justified collateral damage” Saladin says “no it’s not, it’s straight murder that you pin a different name on, now the final iron lord will pay for your kin’s crimes” The shadow says as he pulls out his Ahamkara bone knife and slits Saladin’s throat then pushes him over the edge of his platform. The other guardians turn towards the dead body of Saladin in horror before seeing shadow leave through a taken blight.

The Shadow Heads to Dwindler’s ridge, the Renegade hunter named Shin Malphur followed him “you got a lot of nerve coming to the place where I killed Dredgen Yor” The renegade says “hehehe, zyre orsa “ The shadow says “that is not my name” Shin replies “I’m sorry, it was Dredgen Vale wasn’t it?” The shadow says “don’t play dumb, i know you know my name” shin replies getting angrier “yes i know you went by these other names at another time Shin Malphur, the renegade, by the way jaren ward never sent his regards” the shadow says as he pulls out his ahamkara bone knife, shin draws his golden gun “HOW DARE YOU BRING UP JAREN WARD, I WILL MAKE YOU A SHADOW ON THE WALL” he yells before firing 3 golden gun shots into the shadow, the shadow dies but his knife using it’s ability resurrect himself which worked and then he drew the first curse, shocked look on Shin Malphur’s face , put one bullet in shin’s ghost and one bullet in shin’s head, killing shin. He soon left however a warlock who was hiding at dwindler’s ridge saw the confrontation and reported the incident to the vanguard. After hearing about this incident Zavala organizes a hunt of the man named the shadow, he puts the city on lockdown while they hunt him down, Zavala wasn’t concerned with the fact that he killed Shin Malphur, he was concerned with the fact that he no longer had a ghost but still took 3 golden gun shots to the chest and revived with no ghost to revive him. Zavala didn’t think this was possible unless he had something enchanted by a hive sorcerer. When The Shadow got home (his house in the ascendant plane) he takes off his glove on his right hand which is the hand that he uses his ahamkara bone knife with and he sees that his fingertips have become of hive bone, a sign of hive corruption from his weapon that usually doesn’t show physically except when extremely strong spells are used, just like the one that allowed the knife to resurrect him. He says it’s too late to stop the corruption now, puts the glove back on and leaves his house.

The drifter calls The Shadow “let’s make a gambit” he says and hangs up, it was a message that shadow knew the true meaning of, it’s time is what it means. The drifter is now in front of the city wall, behind him are 3 rows of titans that span the length of the wall’s side they are on, the first row is all titans with code of the missile and thunder lord, the next row is titans with top row hammers and an abbadon machine gun, the row after is a row of sentinel shields with top tree and the nova Mortis machine gun. After the titans are two rows of warlocks, the first row is nova bombs with various scout rifles, most popular ones were song of ir yût and the touch of malice, behind them were all well of radiance dawnblades using auto rifles and pulse rifles, most popular ones were bad juju, red death and the zhalo supercell. The final 2 rows were nightstalker ,hunters with the oath keeper gauntlets on and using the wish ender bow. The final row was hunters with sniper rifles like the D.A.R.C.I and Borealis who were using 6 shot golden gun. Shadow was within the ranks of the final row, he switched between his sniper rifle, the whisper of the worm and his scout rifle, the vision of confluence. He ordered the hunters, they had a warlock named Carolina ordering the warlocks and even though he was a hunter the drifter ordered the titans. He waited for Zavala to gather his soldiers which were random guardians standing all mixed up, they were not prepared like the drifter’s army was. The drifter gave the go ahead and the first row of titans lit up the sky with blue lightning, the second and third titan row followed behind, Zavala was actually scared for once of a foe, they weren’t shooting thorn bullets but they were killing ghosts by shooting the ghosts as they popped up, this wasn’t good, they were mortalising the guardians before killing them for good. The code of the missile titans shot themselves over the wall and directly into the enemies ranks, killing 2-3 enemies per titan who shot themselves over the wall. The hammer titans started throwing over their hammers which cracked many heads. The sentinel titans started throwing their shields over the wall, the nightstalker hunters shot their tethers over the wall to slow movement so that the nova bombers warlocks could toss over their nova bombs which left only a ragity line of guardians including Zavala and ikora. Finally the last line of hunter shot golden guns into the line of guardians killing all but Zavala, ikora and 8 other guardians ( these aren’t all guardians in existence just the ones who happened to be at the tower at the time) shadow then had the gal to take a vanguard member and leave only 1 vanguard leader standing by shooting Zavala in the dome with his whisper of the worm. The drifter puts his hand up, his army puts their guns away “now surrender to us” drifter says “NEVER!” Ikora yells, shadow shoots off her right arm and left leg “fine, we surrender” ikora says, medics by shadow’s order simply cauterize ikora’s wounds and don’t give her any prosthetic limbs.

Before drifter could lift all the laws that the consensus put in place in the city shadow had the consensus executed as well as the drifter which left him in power, with this power he forced all the citizens out of the city and into the world to fend for themselves, once they were gone The Shadow raized the city to an unusable condition by nuking it with the smallest nuke they had, he then takes Felwinter Peak and turns it into an unbreachable fortress. He then declares himself the first warlord of the new dark age, he now wields the bones of eao boots, the crest of alpha lupi (d1 hunter version), grasps of Malok, the cloak of Taniks, and the rise of iron hunter helmet with the ornament. Together these armor pieces turn him into a striking figure, new warlords rise and fall but he rules for many millennia. He starts using the sword dark drinker and a hive knight shield from mars that has been blackened from years of explosives hitting it’s surface, hidden inside the shield is his ahamkara bone knife which still holds it’s ability to resurrect him so as far as everyone is concerned he is a lightless warlord that refuses to die

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Pretty good :slight_smile:
Not really sure how he found Ahamkara bones just lying around lol
Great story though

There are many ahamkara bones on io

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I don’t believe those are ahamkara bones, otherwise, wouldn’t we be hearing whispers all the time?

Who says we aren’t? Maybe we just can’t hear them over the sounds of gunshots ringning in our helmets as the screams of long dead enemies echo in our ears years after killing them. Over the sins of our past screaming to be reconciled for. The stomp of the oncoming Vex assualting our ears. The mechanized screams as we tear their jucie boxes from their frames, denying them the chance of any redemption as we crush it in our palms. THE SCREAMS OF AGONY FROM OUR DYING BRETHREN AND SISTERHOOD AS THEIR LIGHT IS TORN FROM THEIR CRUSHED FRAME

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Or maybe we are just really ignorant and are dreaming guardians who pay no attention to it.

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alright, couldn’t find 2 and 3, so now im here!

  1. grammar issues, just find them and fix it, not going to go on a rant about it

  2. for the love of god where did the periods go in the first paragraph

  3. somethings wrong with the speech, I just cant pinpoint it

  4. I feel nothing for any of the characters

  5. I really dont see the need for another review, you haven’t learned much, still no sense of storytelling that I can see

This was already made before I posted the first part

fair point then mate

Here’s part 2

Here’s part 3

You could’ve taken the advice we gave you on the other ones and edited this one to be better.

Once again it was pre made

Yes, I understand that. What I was saying is instead of releasing this copy now, you could have edited it to make it better.