Towards the Future

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Name: Towards the Future
Recorded: 2020.11.12


// REFERENCE {item:Towards the Future}

++ Beyond, Europa

** After fully embracing the Darkness and communing with the Veiled Statue on the Europan Pyramid, the Guardian returns to the Exo Stranger.

Exo Stranger: You have taken control of the Darkness within and sent Eramis to her end. It’s time the truth present itself to you. I mentioned before… another timeline. My own. There, Eramis lived, and the temptation of Darkness thrived. It pervaded the minds of the good and preyed on their desires, bringing about a new Dark Age. I feared these events unavoidable. And though I still do… you’ve given me cause to hope again. Our fight is far from over. We must prevent that dark future, no matter what. Thanks to you… I stare no longer at a familiar end. Only a promising new beginning.

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