“We got issues”

Long ago, in the Golden Age, the Exo were created, war machines built for battle. So why is it that today they are so far from machine and so close to human?

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Actually, @AnonPig, it is commonly believed that Cayde-6 was sent on a job for Clovis. I refer back to my post here as well. Cayde destroyed something (don’t have Collector’s Edition off to read on Reddit). Anyway, Clovis would forgive him if he did a ‘small’ task.

The YouTube Lore Video is here-

Yes I am SURE that has been confirmed!
Cayde-6 was working for Clovis and he broke something while working there that was too expensive for him to ever pay back.
He had amassed other debts over the years and Clovis Bray said they could all he paid back by him doing one job: becoming an Exo!(He wasn’t told what the job was beforehand )

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This post was fantastic!
Great work by @AnonPig, a very enjoyable read featuring both speculation and hard facts.
More of these would definitely be welcome!


I like that this guy is expanding the possibilities of the number on Exos, but there is an object in the Tower in D2 that you can scan, and your ghost basically says that Banshee’s number is not for show. Your ghost also mentions that he has been rebooted that many times. There are a few other scannable items that suggest that Exos are wiped of previous memories in reboots. But maybe bungie is playing with us.


I think the Tower Ghost scan showed that the Exo number is a number of memory resets- which are imperfect, look at how confused Banshee is by certain things and how many times it’s implied Exos are haunted by things.

As for the Golden Age attitude towards Exos, I honestly believe that Cayde’s journal just shows Sundaresh is not really a nice person. It fits for her obsessive scientist character. We don’t really know how people thought of Exos in the Golden Age.

Do we know if there are many civilian Exos in the City? Most of the ones we know of are Guardians. Banshee and Lakshmi are the only ones I can think of. I don’t think there are even any civilian Exos hanging out at the Tower in D1 or D2.

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The numbers for the Exo are also explained in the Grimor Cards in D1 (forget which one) as well, not just in D2 with the scan able’s

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What do you mean? Maya Sundaresh doesn’t seem particularly “not nice” in the grimoire; she consistently seems concerned for both her team as a whole and her wife:

SHIM: Once we try to make the call, the Vex may…react. So let’s all savor this last moment of stability.

SUNDARESH: [indistinct sounds]

SHIM: You two are adorable.

Maya Sundaresh walks at the center of the group. She’s been too quiet lately. What happened to them wasn’t her fault and maybe she’ll believe that soon.

Cayde was obviously in her lab for business, so there’s no real reason for them to be chatty:

But she’s already turned back to her work. I shuffle my feet, straighten my back, and return to mine.

And given the fact that it’s pretty heavily implied that he was in love with her (from both the Book to the scan in his Stash), it’s little surprise that she would be uncomfortable- she’s already married to Chioma Esi. Cayde, to her, seems to be a fixture in her lab because her work needs protecting; Cayde is going to see the situation differently because he has some amount of unrequited love, and as a result her not talking to him may feel more personal than it really is.

From the Exo card:

Many of the City’s Exo citizens live and work alongside their organic brethren. But others fight again, re-forged in the Light of the Traveler to serve as Guardians.

So there are Exos in the City, even if they’re not very present in the Tower itself.


I suppose it just seemed cruel to me, but hey, Cayde gives me Mal flashbacks, what can I say. She seems like a bit of a workaholic, and because of that she has tunnel vision in regards to people.

I forgot about that. We need more about life in the City, we really do.


I agree, I’d love to see a cutscene of our gaurdian taking a walk through the Last City with Ghost.
Or a playable space!
With ramen shops, the Consensus building, factories, apartment buildings, etc.

1 year on ya get ya wish


Not exactly, but hey at least we have a Ramen shop! :joy: