What About Xivu Arath?

This is more of just a question i’ve had since Forsaken. More specifically, the Oracle mission in the Dreaming City, where we’ve seen minions, even the children of Xivu Arath. Though they were Taken, most likely (or obviously depending on how you see it) by Savathun and/or Quria.

Anyway, question. Where is Xivu Arath and what is she doing? For being the “Hive Aspect of War,” she doesn’t seem to be caring about how Savathun’s (undeclared) war against us has affected her.

I know this is very similar to the Topic made by XxDredgenXAKAIxX, “Savathun, and Xivu Arath” (Savathun, and Xivu Arath), but it’s been a year since then, and apparently, after reading the newest lore book Inquisition of the Damned, she making another major move. This time with the Hidden Swarm. And now, with the clearing of The Shattered Throne at 999 power, done by Bagel4, if the way I think her “murder battery” works, she just got a TON of more tribute, making her way stronger.

She’s been laying bait to lead us to a trap. She’s manipulated almost everyone, the Hidden Swarm, Riven, …Uldren…, even us, Guardians who know what she’s doing. So, as I see it, we shouldn’t trust anything that mentions or involves her in any shape or form.

Oh, right, Xivu, got sidetracked. So, yeah, WHERE IS XIVU?

P.S. I’ma bet we’re gonna fight her before Savathun. Just makes sense.

I have always wondered what a female hive knight would look like

Indeed(20 characters)

They probably look much like any regular old knight. I seem to recall there being very little to distinguish the sexes in the hive. I also do not think one is relegated to certain roles either, could be they are simply more likely to take a role as a knight if male or a wizard if female.

Well, I mean, Nokris and (I believe) Dûl Incaru are male and they look pretty different. That, and it appears the stronger/more ascendant a Hive is, the more different it is in appearance. Prime examples being the Oryx bloodline. They all look SUPER unique, so that might have an effect on appearance.

Dul Incaru is the Daughter of Savathun. Hashladun also looks different so your ascendancy=more unique look hypothesis might have some merit to it.