What allegiance did you take and why

So the new update has come out and it’s time for you to choose your allegiance. either the Vanguard or The Drifter. I chose the drifter because I believe that my Guardian as well as many others should understand and use the darkness. That is also why I now use Thorn as my primary build exotic.


Drifter, because the Vanguard chose to forget Guardians. Remember Mare Umbrium? The Crota Slaughter?
Yeah. They didn’t memorialize them, but they did it for the Twilight Gap.
And what’s worse? They chose to allow Guardians that could have been saved die.
We need a new change in leadership. And I bet the Drifter can change all of that.
Or he can at least help us survive another Collapse.

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I chose vanguard because I preferred the rewards.

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I’m choosing my allegiances based off of what my in-game characters would. I’ve only done the quest on my main so far, who chose Vanguard.

I’m went with Vanguard because essentially they are the lesser of two evils right now. It’s all a matter of trust, and I trust the Vanguard far more than I trust the Drifter. The last thing we need right now is more Guardians being split along ideological lines, especially at a time where the Vanguard itself is so weak.

However, on my Titan, I’ll be picking the Drifter, because she’s more inclined to that sort of crowd. Working on making her a Dredgen.


Hunter = vanguard, Warlock = Drifter (eventually)

I main as a Hunter, so my heart aligns with the Vanguard. I’ll admit I wanted to extra lore, but I also don’t believe the Drifter’s intentions are for the best. I’m not saying he’s going to screw us all over, but his methods are too shady for me to fully support without question.

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Why does being a Hunter mean you align with the Vanguard? Hunters literally have a bet that if you lose you have to be on the Vanguard. And siding with the Vanguard is really siding with Aunor, right? Who is crazy in her own way. I chose Drifter because it’s more interesting to see his side of the story.

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Being a nerdy Warlock to the core, I went with the Drifter, because I (Don’t tell the Vanguard…) firmly belive that the Hive’s perception of things is something that would help humanity survive, and we still know nothing about the traveller (Tho I trust it more than the darkness.) Plus, the Drifter is working with the nine that themselves have some relations with the Awoken. Spider also is working with the Drifter, and Spider also defines the Black armory as “family”. Don’t know about you, but seems like the Drifter, along with his knowledge, has a lot of backup…


I chose Drifter because to me the Vanguard is nothing now that Cayde isn’t a part of it. Also, I really like the way the Drifter works, so he was the better option for me.


Yeah Same dude I agree I also thought it would open up more exploration from a Lore perspective at least

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This entire season has some really cool lore, from the book “Dust” to “For Every Rose, a Thorn.” if you read those entire books, then you’ll understand what I mean.


This pretty much said it for me. Chose my allegiances bases my character’s lore. Hunter goes with the Vanguard, mainly because he is old enough to have seen the Vanguard founded. My Titan goes with the Drifter, because he believes that this whole harnessing the power of the Dark to use it for the Light is a good idea. And my Warlock, for now, is undecided.


Sorry to confuse you! Maining a hunter doesn’t mean I have to align with the Vanguard, I was stating that since it’s my main character, I chose the vanguard because that’s who I truly feel is the best to follow.

I took some time to think about which to go with, even before staring directly at the choice.

I roll single-character - a Warlock, so no going back, no taking a second, different path.

In the end, I went with the Vanguard. Because I know The Drifter. I’ve been him, metaphorically. I know who he is and what he’ll do when the going gets tough. He will save his own skin, at the expense of everything else. I’d rather not get bussed by some rando Risen who I dislike in the first place.


vanguard is falling apart mate, as much as I respect there position and goals I don’t want to be in the wreckage when everything goes to shit

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That’s as may be. Perhaps we as Guardians have outgrown the Vanguard, or maybe they’re just going to step back and let new members rise to the top of their respective classes.

I’d still rather throw in my lot with the City than turn my back on a coward with a gun.

You know what Aaetheon your absolutely correct the Vanguard is falling apart but the Drifter is a liar and also when push goes to shove he’ll save himself. the bastard is also scared as hell of the nine and the Emissary (Orin).

My Titan, Zira, made her decision long ago to leave the vanguard behind after an emotionless and botched effort to defeat the Taken King. Falling in with Lord Saladin after dissapearing.

Being reunited with her oldest friend, an Awoken hunter named Sen, during hte SIVA crisis saw her working with the Vanguard, but as an Iron Lord. The Red War led to her helping rally guardians and fighting back against the Red Legion.

With Forsaken having passed, and Cayde’s death avenged. Sen and Zira saw themselves in a bit of a pickle.

Sen, made the choice to side with the Drifter as a means to “play along, see wht his angle is” and Zira, my titan, couldn’t well let her closest friend go down a dangerous path without some serious forceful back up.

So, she sided with the Drifter. She can keep a watchful eye on him, and keep her friend safe in the process.

My Hunter, Suzuri on the other hand…

She’s been around since the Dark Ages, was one of Takenoma’s Rangers when the City founded, and in spirit of remembering what the Rangers did, she has decided that it’s her responibility to keep the Farm safe and therefore, has sided with the Vanguard.

mate, I would save my own hide as well, in fact I, or We have when the city fell, we only traveled in a group cause they gave us weapons and were friendly, the first thing we do when we get to the farm is not help, but follow the pull of our own power, only once our immortality was secured did we start helping, and please tell me who isn’t afraid of the nine? godlike beings capable of creating life from scratch, I sure as hell am

Well, I believe the weird goo monster from the Awoken Outpost was the Nine’s attempt to create life.
While I agree that they are God-Like, I still don’t see how terrifying they are, for all we know, maybe they have the abilities to do this, but they don’t have the abilities to do anything else.
Who knows, maybe they are Lying and keeping some great Facade like The Emerald King in the Wizard of Oz?

Chose Drifter Cuz I don’t want to be a snitch.

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