What allegiance did you take and why

Hells yeah brother! Any way I chose drifter because the Warlock Aunor literally just threatened us by sending us a dead ghost and was all like,“This could be you”. I ain’t takin none of that.

Mate if I’m being honest I’d most likely save my own skin as well however if the person can’t fend for themselves I have to save them. simply because my character has his own Elena Gilbert that makes him “better” than normal.

Back at chou brother!!!

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Dear good people of the tower.

This is Dredgen Hex. I would like to discuss with you the reason I became a Dredgen. I was inspired by a certain Stranger long ago who said,

Blockquote A side should always be taken, little Light. Even if it is the wrong side.

This resonated within me for a long time, and when Cayde-6 died, I realized that avenging him would not make me a hero. To quote Jaren Ward,

Blockquote Don’t hunt 'em 'cause you been wronged. Hunt 'em 'cause what they did was wrong. There’s a world of difference there, kid. One makes you selfish. The other makes you a hero.

I was hunting the Scorned Barons and Prince Uldren Sov because I was wronged - no, Cayde was wronged. I was no hero. I was slipping from what Guardians stand for.

But what do Guardians stand for? Hope? Survival? The Light that fights the Dark?

Now ask yourself - why do we fight the Dark? Simple: People fight what people fear. Thus, a question is begged: Why do we fear the Dark?

Some people fear what lies in it, waiting to devour them when given the chance.

So, then, the answer is simple - we can walk in the shadows, the dark, so long as we are strong enough to fight off what else lies in the dark - the Hive, Fallen, Vex, Cabal, and the other things out there - like the rumors of a mysterious ‘The Veil.’

But none of this explains why I didn’t go with the Vanguard. Why I forsook my duties as a Guardian to dabble in the dark.

It’s simple, really - the Vanguard is not making wise decisions. I remember when I first came to the Last City - my Ghost and I trans-matted right onto the Tower balcony. My Ghost (who I’ve named REVA) said this:

Blockquote This is the Last City. The only place the Traveler can still protect. It took centuries to build. Now, we count every day it stands.

You hear that? Centuries to build, and we were counting every day it stood. Even so, when the Cabal attacked, the Vanguard, led by Commander Zavala, made the foolish decision not to defend the Traveler - the source of their power, and the entity that enables them to defend humanity - in favor of evacuating the city immediately.

Whatever happened to the centuries you spent putting up those walls? What was the purpose of countless lives dying at Twilight Gap and the Battle of Six Fronts? Why did we bother winning those fights if we were just going to abandon the Traveler and the City?

I’m not letting another ‘Red War’ happen again. And if I have to disobey the ‘righteous Vanguard?’ then so be it. I’ll go it alone if I have to. I’ll take your blood-stained label of ‘Dredgen,’ and I’ll wear it like a badge of honor and gold. Even if you hunt me down for going by that name.

Speaking of hunting Dredgens, guess who’s been doing that, recently? No, not the Vanguard. The Praxic Order. They’ve taken matters into their own hands, making themselves a self-proclaimed police force - and going around the Last City (supposed to be governed by the Vanguard, by the way) and doing the equivalent of witch hunts - killing Guardians who have the courage to be named ‘Dredgens’ by the voices (read the lore for the ‘Outlawed Reaper Cloak.’)

The Order must be stopped - it’s turned into a cult.

So what better way to make them suffer for their wrongdoings than by using their prey as their predators?

Drifter tells me that the Collapse wasn’t the last apocalypse to hit humanity. He’s preparing a salvation for those who side with him. I guess its all the better I did.

You all may hunt me for betraying the Vanguard, but believe me - I’m the one who claimed Shin Malphur’s prized cannon - Last Word. I crafted a Thorn from the charred remains of a molten piece of metal. I’m the heir to Cayde-6’s legacy, and wielder of his gun. I’ve mastered the Way of a Thousand cuts, and can see you even when you can’t see me.

So good hunting. I’ll see you in my crosshair. Trust.


… Daaaaaaang. Well uh… that’s one way to look at it. Personally I am just not taking sides. Really there is no point in doing this stupid “pick a side” competition. It’s useless and a distractor of more important things for the city, Hex. How is it? Being a Shadow of Yor, that is. You are all so hated for following such an infamous figure, who albeit created an untameable weapon. But such an interesting one… in any case, what drove you to this decision?

It was quite simple. Thorn is a Weapon of Sorrow, right? Created by the Hive. According to Thorn’s lore tab, the Hive learn more about the gun from each kill you make. Each soul you devour. But what do they learn if they keep on getting the same results over and over again, like the Vex running the same simulation for eternity? There’s only so many races, and there’s only so much the Hive can learn about the gun, but if the gun consumes souls to power up, then killing things can make it fight on indefinitely - and surpass the power of the hive. Knowledge has its limits, but power doesn’t. I power my Thorn by slaying Hive. Destroy them with the same weapons they sought to use on us. Poetic, isn’t it?

As for being a Shadow, it’s quite fun. There’s always a rush. The Praxic Order is always hunting you - gunning for your Ghost - and always trying to kill you. You never know when or where you’ll get into a gunfight. It gets the adrenaline pumping, and gives you a healthy dose of paranoia. As long as you don’t stray too far off the edge, you won’t fall into the abyss.

I do have one correction on this comment and it would be that Thorn was actually built by Dredgen Yor. The Hive parts or from the armor of a powerful Knight that Rezil killed and it was indirectly cursed by the wife of that knight which was a witch. The frame of the hand cannon was solely Rezils.

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Fascinating… and yes indeed, very poetic. The Praxic Order seeks higher understanding, yet they do not want to see both sides of this clash… how intriguing. Well, it certainly seems like fun but it’ll be a pass for me. I am not one for dealing with Weapons of Sorrow. They have a terrible effect on me… say, does your Thorn speak to you?

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Not in the way you’d expect.

It doesn’t speak like an Ahamkara does, but I can always tell by looking at it that it is hungry. It’s always hungry. It always is looking for the next meal - whether Fallen or Cabal, it just wants food all the time. I’m usually able to feed it, though.

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I chose the Drifter.

Bungo has had a zillion years to make the vanguard interesting. Killing Cayde off in forsaken made the already dull, ineffective organization even less appealing.

Drifter represents the gray between moralities and his path asks so many more interesting thematic questions for the universe. There is an increasingly large lore library for the drifter too. Count me in.

The real crime here is that there’s still no lore book on Ikora or Zavala (or shaxx or rahool or Amanda, etc). They’re relegated to staring at the traveler all day and that seems like a missed storytelling opportunity. Hell, even Eva Levante got a lore series.

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ESPECIALLY Shaax and Cayde (who may comeback) but… yeah. The Vanguard has no point other than “Oh yeah, those people exist and are like, in the lore, the government of the City and guardians and all. Cooool…”

The Vanguard. Not the easiest decision, but the Drifter, for all his talk of being “brother this”, “sister that”, is slimy and will sell us out like that. If Shaxx thinks he’s bad news, that’s good enough for me.

Again, neutrality is the best policy, help who you want in what singular situation you want and be done with it.

But in all sincereity I should shut up and thus I will. So sorry for being a bothersome prick in this convo.

I just chose the Drifter because there isn’t a reason for me to work with the Vanguard now that Cayde is gone…

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I chose drifter because if you side with the vanguard your not siding with ikora or Zavala, your siding with Aunor the warlock

those are some big facts Shadow

Well it is true, technically the praxic order and that warlock Aunor are the ones trying to go against the drifter, the actual vanguard(ikora and Zavala) didn’t really seem interested in getting rid of the drifter

do you think the Vanguard ( Ikora and Zavala) are aware of Aunor’s actions

Probably but considering it was for quote “the good of the people” at least Zavala probably won’t do anything, heck even the iron lords got innocent people killed and they were still praised