What categories are we missing?

We’ve tried hard to cover all of the subjects that span multiple Grimoire Cards, but there are no doubt a ton of subjects that we should be covering that we currently aren’t!

So, which subjects do we need categories for?

you should really think about adding Vanguard as a category!

i love your site!


You have Ulan-Tan which is decently covering Symmetry for the time being, but not Concordat and that’s getting some traction

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That’s a really good point about the Concordat. For the sake of consistency, would a Lysander category make sense?


Would it be better to have individual categories for each of the Vanguard leaders? Or would doing this fail to cover certain objects?

I believe so, since it’s not so much that we know about Concordat but that Lysander led them against the Consensus.

Also the sins of kharad-tan should be in the Ulan-Tan’s category imo

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Factions in general actually, as i mentioned before, i’ll just mention it again. Factions may not have a lot of cards, but they do get a decent amount of gear thanks to it constantly being updated.

i know the bungie site has things segregated into “Faction Rep” categories in the armory, but i dont know if Ishtar can replicate that. if not i do have every Faction item collected already so at least then it’d just be as simple as moving over 6 guns and 12 pieces of armor once a year :stuck_out_tongue:

I think a series of categories for Armors, Weapons, Artifacts, Ships, and Quest Items (e.g. Speak to Ikora Rey) are needed. Plus Bounties and deleted Items (maybe organize them in their own category?).

Right now, they’re all clustered together alphabetically in the broad Items category. Ordering them by Rarity would be a good start, as well as Guardian Class. It would make searching for them a lot faster and easier for when searching Lore-related items that have significance like the Whirlwind or Reef-ship types but cannot be found via the normal categories.

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Sub-forums under a main section title eg: missions and under it being mission related items.

That would work.

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It would be helpful to organize the ghost fragments and other references to each respective species into their own categories.

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Maybe add a more thorough way to find exotic guns and any references to exotic armor as a sub category?

Just thought of this. Maybe a Legends and Mysteries category? Like the Legend cards, Mystery cards, Legends and Mysteries cards, and things like Vision 47 and A-113?

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How about master Grimoire, such as Hunter, Titan, Warlock specific? I’m trying to read up on Titans and there is a lot missing (is the old Firebreak Order related to the Sunbreakers? Were the Stoneborn Titans those who helped build the City? etc but its pretty difficult to figure out).

I’ll help out where I can but I’m new to the Lore so I’m not sure how much help I can be.


Based on your feedback I’ve created some new categories :slight_smile:

Some of the categories suggested are more complicated but I am still investigating them :slight_smile:

No summaries for these yet, since we need to update existing summaries first :wink: