What Happened to America?

So I have been keeping this idea locked up for a bit, thinking about wtf happened in America. Being an American myself. Of course nothing will be perfect in my idea(s) but… here we go!
So my first idea is one involving the Appalachian and Rocky Mountain ranges. So my idea is that most of the population escaped into the mountains after hollowing them out during the Golden Age. Vast underground cities, very defensible and compact. Unfortunately, not all of the populous made it to these mountain ranges this lead to the nomadic wastelands of the The Rusted Plains and the Omaha Warfront. Also I am considering having a massive race of aliens that we kinda have to go Pacific Rim style.
Another is that they escaped to the outer rims of the solar system, to Europa and stuff, places that Guardians don’t normally visit and harsh terrains that would be hard for the other races to take a hold of.

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I’ve wondered at this too, thinking that perhaps there would be some mention of American landscape or ruins at least some point down the road. There are some future content leaks (not going into detail) that may or may not reference the US. Google away if you’re curious.

Other than that, my general interpretation of the Golden Age lore is that our current concept of nations and citizenship changed pretty dramatically after the Traveler arrived. Humanity expanded across the solar system and entire planetary - indeed system wide - defense systems went online during this time. My assumption is that the US and most other nations became something of a unified global nation to achieve this.

If that’s true, it’s likely our version of America was more a geographical region than a distinct nation. Anyway, the arrival of the darkness created such monstrous devestation system wide, that I’d be skeptical of a scenario where geological formations - like mountains perhaps - would’ve made much difference. The darkness, like light, has paracausal power which means it can basically bend the laws of reality/physics/etc. Mountains < Paracausality.

I do like the ancient republic shader, as I interpret it as a nod to the US. My American ego probably plays in there, as we certainly aren’t the only republic to sport those colors.

On the flip side, I’m sure traffic isn’t nearly as bad anymore, considering everyone got obliterated.

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I agree, I am also American so that’s probably why I was like “man… I think we’d survive!” And (given our state of militaristic power and general freedom to carry said arms) I am not so sure that we would go down without a fight, in any case I thought it was a cool concept to ponder.

As for my idea of most of us escaping to the outer edges of the solar system… I don’t really know for sure. It’s certainly plausible that they hid in more distant and rough planets (good ol American grit) that would be hard for the Darkness to take a good holding on. Somewhere like Pluto, Europa, or Jupiter.

Some of the early materials for Destiny 1 make mention of a North American Empire-you can find that info on Destinypedia
In game, we know of two cities whose ruins survived the Collapse-the Manhattan Nuclear Zone, mentioned in D1 Tower announcements as quarantined, and Old Chicago, another scrapped D1 idea that is now canon with the lore tab on Graviton Lance
Old Chicago on Destinypedia

Ah. Well I have an rp on Discord that goes with my mountain idea. But thanks for the input! Also welcome to the community!

as a resident in the state of michigan it would be cool to explore Detroit

I personally wonder what happened to the rest of America in general…

hoping for some brand new weapons, wonder if america has new brands for guns

Hmmmm… that’s a good idea… mechs would be cool too.

So… when you talk about Americans going to really harsh terrains… your saying that America is the only country that could deal with the collapse by leaving Earth and going into a wasteland that had already been destroyed by the darkness?


If there isn’t a gjally variant that shoots bald eagle rockets I’m quitting the game

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It is an interesting idea. However, we do have reason to believe that, in fact, the North American USA has been a wasteland.
New York City, for one, was, if I remember, being referred to as Ground Zero for a nuclear weapon. Also, in the Ecdysis Book, I do believe that our Awoken friend was Rezzed in the USA, and walked through one patch of Radiation.
Thus, I believe that someone, or something, got ahold of the Nuclear weaponry that, more than likely, the USA wouldn’t have let go during the mass world peace following the Golden Age. Which would have allowed bandits, raiders, scavengers, etc, to have launched these rockets “For Fun.”

Or the fallen got ahold of them and used them on surviving cities after the collapse.

I didn’t say that. But in a way I did. No offense but… Other than probably Russia, and (maybe) Australia (those Aussies are insane I tell you…) most other countries are having too much turmoil or lack the resources nowadays, but that could change but I am going with the knowledge that I have so in our current state, there are about three countries that could achieve such a feat(?) and that’s what I am going with. The rest I don’t know enough about or are experiencing a political mad house (Ik Ik, America is but… well idk) in a way that would probably be a hinderence to the efforts.

I guess that’s fair, but it is still a fun idea to play around with. Honestly I just wanted to let this idea out to the public. One that I had formulated a year ago.

wait isn’t the group that traveled to city with amanda holiday from Texas?
I mean y’now she has a company called Tex Mechanica and she described the Texas deserts in one of the lore entries

That sounds like something that could be a cool research topic

Indeed. We should look into this more…

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