What Should We Qualify As A Weapon Of Sorrow

So I am sure You all know of The Weapons Of Sorrow. There are only two confirmed Weapons, Thorn and Nechrochasm, but I have been hearing quite a few rumors that the Crota Weapon’s are Weapons Of Sorrow. Now here is my rant/debunk of these Weapons. Now the Crota weapons have obviously been infused with Hiveness/Hive Magic. But If you look closely, you can see that it hasn’t been completely consumed. They still have the human gun look if you look at the exposed part. One of the unique things about the weapons of Sorrow is that they have hardly any resemblance to what they once were. Nechrochasm was once a regular auto rifle, Thorn was Rose (Rose probably looked better than Thorn). The only thing that remains of the weapon is the firing and design (and even those things have been somewhat changed). So the Crota Weapons are probably the closest to a weapon of Sorrow as it can get. So I decided to put these guns in a category of their own (which I made up) called “Armaments Of Woe”. What are your thoughts about this? (Edit: I think Murmur would also qualify as an Armament of Woe since the grip, magazine, and other parts still look human. Also I doubt Eris would just give us a Weapon of Sorrow just because we stalled Crota) 2nd Edit: Now with the Season Of Opulence one of the lore tabs say that ToM is a weapon of Sorrow.


Cool idea! Would you count Malfeasance as a Weapon of Sorrow?

Do you have a source for where it was confirmed that Malfeasance is a Weapon of Sorrow?

I was wrong it was speculated I could have swarn I saw it confirmed somewhere by bungie but I guess my eyes played tricks on me, I take the L on this one

So here’s all the Hive/Taken related weapons we can think of:


  • Thorn. Confirmed Weapon of Sorrow

  • Necrochasm. Confirmed Weapon of Sorrow

  • Bad Juju. Considering the whole ‘kills breed power’ nature of this weapon, it seems that it was Toland’s attempt to create a WoS that followed the Hive sword logic. But as it wasn’t created with any Hive influence that we know of, it’s likely not a true WoS. More like an off-brand cereal that tastes the same. The ‘Puffed Chocolate Rice’ of the Hive arsenal.

  • Crota’s End Elemental Exotics. I’ll talk about them later.

  • Black Spindle. The flavor text for this strongly implies that Black Spindle was formed from the tools or abilities of Ir Halak and Ir Anuk, Oryx’ daughters. I’d almost definitely say this was a Weapon of Sorrow because of that. It’s a human weapon, forged using the daughters of the most powerful Hive being we’ve ever met. Whilst its not an already existing weapon that has been corrupted, like Thorn and Necrochasm, I’d still class it as one.

  • Whisper of the Worm. The same as Black Spindle, but moreso. This weapon is literally a Hive Worm God (Xol) in gun form. It is quite possibly the purest expression of the Death Logic (note: not the sword logic, but still the Anthem Anatheme) in the Destiny Universe, following the deaths of Nokris and Xol. If Weapons of Sorrow can be created using a Logic that isn’t the Sword Logic, then Whisper is definitely a Weapon of Sorrow.

  • Touch of Malice. Almost certainly. Just as Whisper is Xol in gun form, Touch of Malice is Oryx in gun form. His heart is powering the weapon, so it is strongly infused with Hive magic. Kills heal you + allow you to deal more damage, following the Sword Logic. It’s a very strong representation of the Sword Logic but the only caveat is that we did not take Oryx’s place as the Taken King/Queen, implying that the weapon is not the full extend of the power we could have wielded, unlike Whisper. But I’m still going to view it as a Weapon of Sorrow.

  • One Thousand Voices. I’m going to say no. This weapon seems to be more Ahamkara based than Hive based. The flavour text’s repetitive ‘O’ at the start of lines resembles Ahamkara speech; we gained the weapon from killing Riven; The core of the weapon is literally an Ahamkara’s eye, if the perk name is to be believed. Whilst Ahamkara and Sword/Death Logic are probably linked, as both use the Anthem Anatheme, Ahamkara wishes do seem too far removed from Hive Magic to create a Weapon of Sorrow, unless explicitly wished for. One Thousand Voices also does not seem to have inherited any of Riven’s Taken aspects, just her Ahamkara ones.

  • Malfeasance. Considering it was made to emulate Thorn, it was definitely created with the intent to BE a WoS. It was also created from a Depleted Weapon Core used by Callum Sol, so was originally a human weapon. We then use Motes of Dark + kill Guardians to form the weapon. Whilst this is definitely a human weapon being ‘corrupted’ in some way, there’s a question of whether Motes of Dark are close enough to Hive Magic to consider the gun a WoS. Do the Motes of Dark, created by a Lightbearer, genuinely contain Darkness? They can be used to control Taken, which would imply yes, but as we saw from Lord Timur it is possible to mind-control beings using the Light. (Although, the ability to use Timur’s demons on a Taken enemy may have just been a gameplay mechanic rather than a genuine lore thing. No Taken were around when Timur was alive). Considering that Motes of Dark have such a strong connection to the Taken, it was created from a human weapon, and was made to emulate Thorn, I’m going to say that yes, Malfeasance was a Weapon of Sorrow.


  • Crota’s End Weapons (+ Exotic versions): I’m going to say no, they are not. The Crota’s End weapons seem much more like regular guns that Ghost has crafted from Hive materials than from Hive magic. Not infected with Hive corruption like Thorn and Necrochasm, not created from Hive magic like Black Spindle or Whisper of the Worm. Just regular guns that have a load of Hive bone grafted to them.

  • King’s Fall Weapons (+ Exotic versions): Same as above. Just regular weapons with some high quality Hive bone attached to them.

  • Last Wish Weapons: An odd addition to the list, but I think they are worth mentioning as the whole raid is a Taken one. Still going to say no, because they all seem to just be Awoken weapons that we happen to have found in the raid. Kali and Shuro Chi probably just handed us one and said ‘thanks for saving me, have a gun I made a few years ago’

To conclude:

As far as I (personally) can figure out, Thorn, Necrochasm, Black Spindle, Whisper of the Worm, Touch of Malice and Malfeasance ARE weapons of Sorrow. Bad juju, One Thousand Voices, and the Raid legendaries are not.


No worries! I was just curious if it had been confirmed somewhere that it’s a Weapon of Sorrow

Only two weapons have been confirmed to be Weapons of Sorrow, Thorn and Necrochasm. It’s possible that there are other weapons which are also Weapons of Sorrow, and it’s fine to speculate on if particular weapons may be Weapons of Sorrow. But we cannot (yet) say for sure if weapons like Malfeasance are definitely Weapons of Sorrow, only that they may be.


I would say that the ToM would be a Weapon of Sorrow. Given we kinda made it out of the remaining bits of the Hive’s King… and their Warpriest… and their Princesses… if you think about it we are really brutal… Christ…

It’s certainly possible that Touch of Malice is a Weapon of Sorrow, but there’s nothing currently which confirms that it is one.

Alas, that is true. Perhaps we should take it up to le Bungo.

Edited the post to make it more clear it is just my opinion.

I personally think that Malfeasance,WotW, and Bad Juju are NOT Weapons of Sorrow. Let me start off with Malfeasance. Another unique thing about The Weapons of Sorrow is that they are Hive/Hive-like. Malfeasance seems to me like it was made from Taken Nechromansy and it’s perks also make this more plausible. Also a key feature about weapons of Sorrow is that they were once human guns. Malfeasance feels like we (or The Drifter) forged it. Malfeasance doesn’t appear to have once been a human gun. Same for Whisper, I doubt an ascendant worm god found a sniper deep in Io and infused it with itself. Also Whisper appears Taken, which is again, different from Hive. Bad Juju also doesn’t appear to have a Hive Bone or Hiveness on it which means it is also disqualified. Now Touch of Malice is POSSIBLY the only Weapon of Sorrow but that is to be confirmed. (I would also like to note that ToM doesn’t have Hive bone but does have a hive cloak, hive dagger, and Hive [or Taken for it’s appearance] heart in it, but hey this is Bungo’s call)

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To confirm suspicions.
We, the Guardian, along with the Drifter, forged the Malfeasance, thus, it couldn’t be a Weapon of Sorrow because the Hive did not create it.


I agree that the ToM and the WoW should be Weapons of Sorrow (or whatever the Taken equivalent is)

Malfeasance is more a poser to thorn, also it’s taken themed, not hive themed

Whisper is not a Weapon of Sorrow. We are wielding a worm god in another form. Weapons of Sorrow are made by Hive. Just to clarify worms and Hive are two different species so it effectively disqualifies WotW.

While I can understand this, in order to become a “True” Hive. (Not a Proto-Hive or whatever.) You have to accept/Consume a Worm, thus suffusing it to your being in order to become a Hive, no?
Yet again, just trying to remember Hive crud, so do correct me if I’m wrong.

I agree with your perspective but Xol managed to live without a host. Also I like to think the relationship between hive and worm is symbiotic. Xol also forged WotW by himself, not by finding a gun and somehow infuse it with itself. (If he did do this then I am astounded that he found a humongous sniper rifle deep within Io that hasn’t been lost in the pits or been consumed by the Vex structures)

I’m pretty sure Xol IS a Worm. As seen by his title of a “Worm God”,(Xol, Akka, Ir, etc.) and yes, while I agree with you that WoTW isn’t a Weapon, and that it is him in worm form, I still am kinda trying to find out what exactly the Hive are in the beginning.

To be a weapon of sorrow it has to be a once human made weapon that was transformed with hive magic into a more bone like looking weapon that still resembles the human weapon and it needs to be used by guardians after being transformed, it also needs to hunger for light