What would your Dredgen Name be?

Mine would be Dredgen Void…


Obviously Dredgen Pear

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Dredgen Mal sounds amazing in my head

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I had Dredgen Vert on the go as a little play on the alias I use everywhere, but in terms of my actual Dredgen character in-game… I’m not sure.

As soon as I find out though, I’ll let you know.

Dredgen Ash, why?
Flame Motif. Plus, it just sounds edgy, and isn’t that what you’re shooting for when going with such a title?
But Dredgen Ash.

Definetly Dredgen Hati

Dredgen Dart, a play on my alias “Jubi” which is my GT but hyper shortened, Dart being another part which is his dark side, corrupted by the Darkness.

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Whooooaaa that’s deep bro

“I’m fourteen and this is deep” lol. I mean I guess it is? It’s sorta like a metaphor for his corrupted side from the years of suffering he has been through but deep down Dart just wants a normal life… except he absorbed the escaping power of Oryx making him essentially a god. Destined to bring pain and suffering upon everyone and everything, but then he denied his destiny and tried to go on and have a normal life after breaking from Jubi.

Mine is Dredgen Hati. Hati being the Norse wolf deity that chases the moon his brother being the brother of Skoll another name for Fenrir the wolf who kills Oden or whoever during ragnorok

Yeah I’m 16 but that’s understandable
and also an “oryx” is the scientific name for antelope

Cool, bet the lore on mine is a bit… well inaccurate.

yeaaaah I see what you mean

Mhm. When I wrote most of my characters I was like “hah, I can do whatever I want!” Because I had no lore nerds to object my movement.

Well, you do now! Jk, I like the idea though. Just seems pretty OP at times.

yeah that makes sense I assume your more attuned to being a loner like yours truly. The true “Lone Wolf” they call me.

Yeah, he is pretty damn OP. But he’s very unstable and hates everyone equally. (I say that with a grain of salt) And he was originally made to defeat the three Vex sisters (you know from the RP Ember) which are basically the laws of reality so I kinda had to jack him up to be able to do the job.

I’d love to RP more with those sisters tbh, they seem really interesting. Anyways, off topic somewhat.

Indeed, in any case, why Aurus and Dart are so OP is because of them so I did that. In any case Idk. I can talk about it in PMs if you want to go more in depth about some of my characters

Mine would be Dredgen Shadow