Who Really Killed Uldren?

This is something I have been wondering about every since playing through the Forsaken story for a second time and taking time to think about the end scene. So, to get to the point, who killed Uldren? Was it solely us (THE Guardian)? Or was it Petra, since she also aimed her weapon at Uldren (on a side note: she was using Vestian Dynasty, is that correct?)? Or was it both of us?

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Based on what I noticed from the cut-scene, THE Guardian definitely fired because you can hear the Ace of Spades’s distinct firing sound. However, I can’t think of a way to know if Petra also fired or not :thinking:

Or maybe we shot ourselves to not have to take the choice :thinking:

Yeah, that’s an option too. I guess this could be something that’s down to what the player wants to believe their character did, but I wonder if there is something more concrete. Especially about Petra, because I have no clue if she actually shot or not.

Seeing its the Ace of spades sound… wait a minute didnt uldren stll have the ace then?

I just re-watched the scene. No, he drops it on the ground and our Guardian picks it up. I had to watch the scene again to check, though, for second I thought you were right and was in much confusion lol

Oh then. Guardian did it

What about Petra, though? Could the Vestian Dynasty’s sound have been drowned out by the Ace?

Maybe. We’ll have to see if someone can seperate the audio.

Yeah, that’d be awesome if someone did!

Something I heard somewhere is that if you wait for too long then Petra will shoot him instead of you? I’m probably wrong, but I am about 99% sure that the canonical ending would be with Uldren dead by our hands.

during the cut-scene I heard a very distinct elemental sidearm firing sound, along with something else that did sound like ace creating a very distinct sound, my guess is that we both shot him, honestly it seems much more likely than ace/vestian making an irregular sound

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Ace could have made an irregular sound because it was badly damaged, and we had to bring it to Banshee to have it repaired.

perhaps dragonfly activated… but no that’s solar… I guess its possible, but to just garble two sounds together to make a broken gun sound (especially when the gun that would of made the other sound is in the scene) seems strange

Then maybe that means Petra and the Guardian fired, if you said you could hear Ace and Vestian together. When I saw the scene I never noticed Vestian’s sound, but I was not really listening for it. I guess I should listen to the scene again!

Pretty sure you hear both Vestian Dynasty, AND Ace of Spades, but Bungie cuts the scene like that on purpose to leave it up to the player to decide.

I can say it’s all but confirmed that the player did it. Because let’s be honest here, the player has made basically every major achievement in the timeline in which we play. It would be a pretty big twist to have us not kill Uldren.

I agree however I do wish we had an actual boss fight against uldren

Indeed. Or at least a fight to weaken him. Alas I cannot say much about gameplay, however. I still haven’t played since Warmind :sweat_smile:

It was disappointing to get to the killer of cayde and then not kill him