Winters Run (Taken)

Name: Winters Run (Taken)
Date recorded: 2017.01.31

Flying into orbit around Venus
Cayde-6 Those Fallen in the Ishtar Sink on Venus… story is they raided the Prison of Elders in the Reef. Got an Archon Priest. The Queen’s bounty is high so we know it’s powerful. We need to hunt this thing down before they fully restore its soul.

Transmatting to the Headlands, Ishtar Sink, Venus
Ghost It won’t take them long to restore the Archon Priest’s soul. We’d better head for the caves.

Upon expelling enemy forces in The Cinders
Ghost We’ll need to get through! I’ll check it out.

After fighting off a defending force of Fallen
Ghost OK! Its open!

Tracking the Archon Priest, we come across a group of parked fallen Pikes
Ghost Think they’d mind if we take their Pikes?

Upon approaching the Darkness anomaly in the Ash Coves
Ghost I was sure the Archon Priest was… Taken incoming! Get ready!

Defeating Nixis, Hunger of Oryx
Ghost I’ll contact the Vanguard and let them know what happened.

The Darkness anomaly implodes
Ghost The Fallen found the Prison of Elders, but then the Taken found the Fallen. Too bad for them. The Archon Priest was better off in the Prison.

I’d call this canon.

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