Writing a Destiny book

Hey everyone, I love writing fantasy and sci fi so obviously I quickly fell in love with Destiny. Anyways, that’s irrelevant. I have been thinking about writing a short novel set in the Destiny world. I’m not really sure where I want to base it but I’d love to include mostly D1 stuff. Maybe even the journey you take in the storyplay. I’m open to suggestions though. Plz let me know about any characters you think I need and also which age I should write in plus your fav weapons which you think the main character should have.

Ps this is a long term project


Well first off , I’m really really happy someone is going to do this , therefore, I’d like to lend you a hand whenever you need as I’d love to be a part of such a beautiful project!
Second, I think you might start with the time during the great battles ( Battle of six fronts , twilight gap etc.) you might also include stories from Maya Sundaresh’s time , anything about the Bray family since they have tons of lore.
You might also go ahead also and talk about the iron lords past and all
Most importantly tho , I wish you the best of luck , and please let me know if you need any extra fingers! :smiley:


You should write about the Iron Lords, or something. As for target age, write as if you’re not going for a specific target age. You don’t want piles of swearing, blood and gore because Destiny isn’t like that. But you want something gritty and thrilling.

Anyway, I make films from Destiny, so we could make a good team.

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Thanks guys! I’ll look at what you’ve suggested and start work soon. This isn’t my only project so it may take a while but I’m sure it’ll be great! Just in reply to @DeathlyGeneral, I don’t put any bad stuff in my writing but I’ll certainly include fighting. I’d love help if you guys can give it! (I don’t always understand the grimoir)

I’ve been wondering if my main character should be in the first battle in the intro fight but when he awakes in the main story he has forgotten everything. Kinda like the person you play as in the story. I’m also thinking maybe he should be an exo who was reset. I’m not quite sure on a name yet.

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Cool! I know a Subreddit that would absolutely eat any of this up. It’s /r/DestinyJournals

I couldn’t find it on Reddit. Think you could give a link?

I’m not all that great, but I can do illustrations for some of it.

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Thanks everyone! If you’d like to receive more info and help with this project then please send me a private message with your email address. :slight_smile:

That’d be brilliant!

You can look at https://vulshokbersrker.deviantart.com/ if you wanna look at them, to see if you want to illustrate them.

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Also, a great weapon is the “Not Like the Others” Scout Rifle. It’s Vanguard issued with a chance at explosive rounds. I used it in Trials for months. That or the Lethe Noblesse from House of Wolves.

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Pretty cool but not all of your at would be accepted by some parents. If you were to do art for my work it would also need to be black and white in case I decide to self publish it. Otherwise I’m really impressed.

Keep in mind, copyright laws are a thing! If you intend to publish, whether for profit or no, I suggest you check out the relevant legal situation. Intellectual property can be tricky.

That’s actually a good point Red makes. If you need help, message me. I am working in international publishing as an editor.


Thanks @RedRenegade and @Tassadar! I’ll certainly look into it. If it doesn’t come to anything I’ll be fine to upload it onto the forum.

No problem. If you do want me to do some, I’d be up for it.

Yes pls! That would be great! I’ll let you know when I’ve got a scene I think should be done.

Hi everyone! Here is what I have compiled from an intro. I tried writing it so that it can conform to one of @DeathlyGeneral’s suggestions. I could easily change it to suit its requirements. Anyways here it is. Hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think! I really value the communities opinions!

In quick succession I blasted the array of dregs below me as I soared over them. Battles nowadays were most often won with skill alone and I had more than enough of that. I sidestepped an incoming vandal’s long range wire rifle energy bolt. I immediately retaliated and threw a pulse grenade towards the location of the bolt. I turned and took in my nearby opportunities whilst enjoying the sweet sound of the explosion and the harsh language full of Fallen swear words. I was a titan, a striker. I noticed one particular Fallen captain was causing a large amount of trouble. I leapt towards him, once again utilizing my powers of lift for momentum and smashed my metal fist into his side. Speaking of metal I’m not human, I’m what’s called an Exo, a robot. The captain staggered backwards and called out in fury. The Fallen gave me a death stare with all four of its glowing blue eyes and coolly drew its swords. Fallen have four arms. They are a very primeval species although how they managed to invent their tech is a mystery. In the captains side is a dent from where my fist had hit. It wasn’t as deep as I had first thought but I was satisfied that I had in the least damaged the hard ether armour worn by the beast. The captain charged at me with its dual swords held outward on either side of its body. It was a fearsome display of bravery but that particular captain had obviously not faced a guardian before, at least not a powerful one. I reacted instantly. I raised my hand cannon and fired a decisive and perfect shot to the captain’s heart. I would tell you where the heart is located but that would be giving away that I have studied the monsters. I paused for a moment to reload and wondered at the power of the weapon I had. Not many guardians realised that they were killing people when they killed the Fallen. Despite their tendency of planet hopping and the complete decimation of other species they were relatively civilised. They were divided up into many houses none of which I’m going to name now. My cannon reloaded I cast my eyes for another target. Abruptly fifty Fallen ketches appeared above the battlefield. My friend Scott and I’s eyes both caught at the same time. Despite him being human and me being robot we both got along just fine. I knew that I needed his help this time. I sprinted over to him. Apart from a few straggling dregs we had almost cleared the battlefield but now that the ketch were dropping in reinforcements I knew it would be a lot harder. We were running short on ammunition and the few warlocks we had (basically creepy wizard dudes) were recharging their abilities. “Scott, you know it’s going to take a miracle to get through the next wave, right?” I said. “Well the Traveller was a miracle so I don’t see why we can’t fight for his life!” Scott stated. I looked at him endearingly. He was an optimist to the end. “Alright then! Let’s put our crucible training to the test and show these invaders whose boss!” I replied. We stood side-by-side and watched in dismay as the Fallen dropped from their ships; the lower ranks first and progressively higher ranked troops dropped. The last two ketch ships emptied servitors onto the field. I shuddered, once before I had been hit by one of their deadly energy blasts. Believe me; it had been taken weeks for my ghost to resurrect me. I was far more careful afterwards. If that isn’t bad enough the servitors are also partially worshipped by the Fallen and can transmute matter into the ether which keeps the Fallen alive. If you ever want to take out a group of Fallen you should definitely take out the servitor first. Once the servitors were ready the Fallen reinforcements screamed their battle cries and charged forwards towards the city. I noticed the numbers were far greater than before and decided that my machinegun would be far better to use against such numbers. “You know Ghost; I really didn’t think it would end like this. You haven’t spoken nearly as much as you usually do. I assume by that it means that the Darkness here is very strong. Do you think you’d be able to resurrect me after this fight if I were to die?” I asked Ghost. I, as all guardians, had met my ghost as the first person when he first brought me back from the dead and so he was my constant companion for life. “I don’t think I could. It is traumatic enough being in this area. We should probably evacuate and save lives. We could take the Traveller with us and be safe!” Ghost said. “You’re forgetting something,” I said as I started spraying bullets into the masses of Fallen, “This is Earth our home. And you just proved another reason why ghosts themselves don’t have weapons!” I threw a flash bang grenade into a clump of dregs and let Scott finish them off and guard me while I took out the vandals who were picking off our guardians with snipers. I changed back to my machinegun and gave another round of fury. We weren’t doing so well now. We had lost many young guardians already and their ghosts were floating around confused by the chaos which was spreading. Dregs were closing in around Scott and I and they weren’t dying when I remembered the servitors. “Scott! We can’t win this! The servitors! They’re healing their Fallen.” Fortunately Scott caught onto my plan. I was glad that there was plenty of room outside of the city for such a battle. It would have been crazy if it had been in the city itself. I dived forward towards the dregs who cried out in thirst for my blood but as I jumped I arranged myself as though I was riding a bike and I summoned my sparrow. The speeder instantly teleported from my jumpship and appeared underneath me. I sped over the dregs which had previously surrounded me and sped towards where the servitors had been dropped off. The sneaky machines always hid away and did their dirty work from a distance. I was nearly there. I turned around and saw that Scott was following right behind me sparrow. I slowed down a little so that his could keep up with my slick, spanking, new one with LED lighting. Within seconds we arrived at the location. The purple bolts were already flying through the air and I jumped off my sparrow and drew my hand cannon. The eye in the centre of the spherical robot was the weak spot. Bang! One down, many to go. Once more I fought with Scott by my side. We were unstoppable! With the servitors falling we could see back to the other side of the battle where our companions were fighting that the Fallen troops were weakening. We were winning! I gained confidence and advanced more boldly. I had finished my primary ammunition and was using my fusion rifle. I was just charging up my gun to destroy another unwary enemy when I felt a searing pain in my back and heard my ghost calling out in distress. I turned and saw a huge Fallen Kell, the king of a Fallen house. You could tell from his badges of his rank but that was the least of my worries. In the beast’s hand were the blades preferred by vandals. They were dripping with my blood. I had dropped my weapon when the blade had first struck and now I was defenceless. Someone had pulled my helmet off. My head was pounding with blood and I could not see Scott anywhere. My vision grew more blurry as lifeblood seeped from my body and I turned back to the Kell. He was saying something in English; something about death and defeat. I could not make out much but I knew he was saying that because of me he had lost. The Fallen raised his blades once more and I, paralysed by his gaze lay completely still. The last thing I felt was cold steel sinking into my neck and the four glowing eyes.

Ps - that was very rough and unedited so if you spot any errors please notify me :slight_smile:

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Yeah. www.reddit.com/r/destinyjournals