Writing a Destiny book


Thanks! Very interesting but I don’t think it’s quite
what I want. :+1:


Hey LackedSaucer, I recently wrote a book on Destiny and I’m writing my second one right now. LOL. I was thinking you could give me your email so I could share my docs with you so you could get an Idea, the first one is ok, but my second one is way better. So if you can let me share it with you, it might help a lot.


That would be awesome! I’ll message you my email


Hey, just thought I’d make a couple of corrections to help you with your story. First of all, ketch’s are extremely rare, with each house having access to one or two at most. I think what you meant was a fallen skiff, which is the drop ship they use. Second, ghosts don’t take more or less time to res someone based on damage. It’s either immediate, or not at all. Finally, the fallen got their technology through a golden age, just like humanity. Before the traveler came to the solar system it visited them for a short time. They came to us chasing it, after it left them. I’m not trying to tell you how to do write your book, I just wanted to make sure you didn’t mix up your facts. Any destiny book is good for the community, and I’m excited for the finished product.

P.S. I don’t know if it was a joke or not, but a guardian can’t just take the traveler with them whenever they want.


Yeah i know :joy: that was a joke. For the Fallen about their tech i was just giving a titan’s perspective. Thank you so much for your input.Thanks for letting me know about ketches​:grin:


No problem at all. I would be more than happy to help with any lore related advice, I’m a big fan of destiny’s story. Also, if you want an more in-depth view of destiny lore, check out Mynameisbyf on YouTube, he has some great stuff. Also, are you having the fallen as the only antagonist, or are you going to being including other enemy species as well?


I think I might include other enemies at a later stage in the book. I’m still deciding on a plot but I think I’ll mostly have it as a journey of self discovery rather than invent a twist. Include more action you know.:+1: I know about mynameisbyf but I don’t really have much time for YouTube (yeah I know that’s a pathetic excuse). I’d love your more of your opinions! I’ve found them helpful thanks!


Always happy to help! I can’t seem to find your email address, but mine is *********************, if you wouldn’t mind keeping me updated, as well as any questions you might have.


Sure! I’ll do that right away!


Another thing i forgot to reply to. I know that ghosts heal instantly but i wanted in my book for them to take time if the injury is particularly bad.


This is awesome. I would love to write a Destiny book, but I’m pretty sure that Bungie prohibit us from selling any content that includes some of their IP.

I have started writing fanfiction though, because I fell in love with a very minor character in D1 lore and wanted her to return. There seem to be a lot of story inclined people in this thread I’d be very grateful for any feedback on it. I’m writing the final chapter at the moment and should be finished this week.

The story so far is at https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12344928/1/Untitled

Many thanks.


I’m so excited that all of you are sharing your ideas and work!

Remember, if you want to give out personal information to potential collaborators, you can use our private messaging system.


Really cool moddon! I like your writing style! I think that Bungie can’t stop us from freely sharing so that’s what we can do :grin:


What’s up everyone. Glad to see other writers out there taking interest in original fan content! I’m personally a HUGE fan of the Iron Lords so I’m in the process of writing a background novel on the Origins and lives of the Iron Lords (shoutout to @DeathlyGeneral for being a step ahead on that idea in this thread) and am excited to share the finished product with a committed and engaged community! It’ll be somewhat long so if anybody has any suggestions on how to format it and where to put it, I’m very open to suggestions! Thanks guys! Cheers!

Also: best of luck to you @LackedSaucer in your short novel. Your first draft looks great!


This sounds like a super cool project! If you need an extra set of eyes to go over it, I write for the news and do an awful lot of editing, so feel free to hit me up!


Thanks @E2daROC! I will take you up on your offer but I don’t have the right wifi to upload what I’ve written yet. I will send it in about a week and a half to two weeks from now though. Thanks again!


Here’s a suggestion:
You write the guardian’s story from his/her perspective. What they felt when they were first resurected, there thoughts and feelings on what happens throughout the events of Destiny 1 plus some added content (so the reader can better get to know the guardian and other existing characters). This way the biggest events of the story are already written and you can focus more on the characters and other details within the world of destiny. A lot of times when people start projects like this they don’t know where they are going with the story, using the D1 stories will allow you to know how much you have done and how much more you need to do with what you are writing.


Thanks @Omnigul, I’ve already written a large amount of writing and what I’ve done I’m quite happy with. It’s mostly a story of self discovery around Tim-2, an Exo. He is resurrected but has lost his memory due to a reboot. He also finds himself sympathising with the Fallen. His Ghost and best friend Rijaach (an Awoken) help him to find out who he is and how defeating his foes will return his memories. I appreciate what you’re saying and understand what you mean about writers not knowing where their story is going but a skeleton story is enough to let it develop on its own.


I think it’s best if you start in the dark age. From there you could explore the lives of the Iorn lords, the civilians and how they survived and depended on guardians, and esspesialy the warlords. Since we know so little abought them other than they were tyrants, I think it would be cool to explore the ideals of the guardians who supported them, and the life styles they had. In fact, a book abought a warlord could be awesome.

My iliterate opinion


Thanks Voidwalker but like I said to Omnigul, I’ve already written too much to just change it like that.