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Okay, here is the edited intro and first chapter. Credits to @VulshokBersrker for the artwork of Tim-2. Thanks buddy! Enjoy reading! (Btw I have written more but I’m still editing it. Currently on chapter 6 and editing chapter 2)

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If I had known this was a cover, I would have draw more to it. Maybe next time I’ll try and make a ‘style’ for this.


If you want to stick with what you have because you like it then do it. But if you’re sticking with what you have just because you spent time doing it, that’s not a great reason.

“Don’t Cling to a Mistake Just Because You Spent a lot of Time Making it.” — Aubrey De Graf


Thanks Baxter, great to here from you! I do like what I’ve written so far because I think it does reflect Destiny truly and just like I told Omnigul, I have developed a natural close for the story as I’ve gotten to know the characters. Great quote, thanks!


Hi all! I’ve already posted the first chapter and intro but if you want to follow it on inkitt here is the link :grin:


Great work, looking forward to your next piece!


Thanks :grin: I did try uploading another chapter but it is taking a while. If you or anyone else wants to view file I’m working on (unedited) please feel free to DM me.


Hey all! Thanks for all the support I’ve received! The second and third chapter’s are uploaded onto Inkitt (I don’t think I said it was uploaded yet on Commons). Here is the link again:

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Hello again! Finally finished editing the fourth chapter! Please feel free to read, like and rate it on Inkitt! I love feedback so please tell me every itsy bitsy little problem you find.
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An once more a chapter is released! Please enjoy chapter 5! Please feel free to like, comment and review!


Hi guys. Just wondering. I have an encounter with Savuthun in a chapter and I’m trying to decide whether or not she should speak to them. She can speak English can’t she?


Xyor, a wizard, spoke to Rezyl Azzir in Legends and Mysteries: Rezyl Azzir. It sounds like her words were somehow translated from whatever language she normally speaks in to human languages, but it was painful for Rezyl to listen to her speak.

Rezyl flinched as the wicked woman began to speak in a tongue that resembled torture more than language.

The pain was searing, complete.

The demon approached the writhing hero.

As she spoke her violent words began to take shape, morphing from syllables of death to a known offering of haunted human languages.

The demon woman leaned in close… and whispered, intimately.

Rezyl’s ears bled as she spoke.

Toland apparently spoke to Ir Yût, the Deathsinger, in Ghost Fragment: The Hellmouth but it’s not mentioned which language she spoke in. Oryx also spoke to our guardians in English in the TTK campaign, but it’s not clear if that was due to his words being translated, perhaps by our guardian’s ghost, or if he had learned how to speak English.

We haven’t encountered Savathun yet, so we don’t know if she can speak English. Perhaps you could have her speaking in the hive language but her words are translated into English by a ghost? Or you could do something similar to what happened with Xyor, where her words were somehow translated into human languages even though Rezyl’s ghost wasn’t present.


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And again! Chapter 6: Luna at Last is out folks! Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to read. I love comments and criticisms. Please tear apart my work so I can fix it!
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Hi all! I’m glad to announce that this weekend I will release the final chapter of An Exo’s Trials! Whoop! Whoop! Thanks for sticking it out while I tediously wrote, rewrote and edited. If you are only just seeing this post now still feel free to go ahead and discovery Tim-2 on his journey of self discovery! (I will make a last post on this thread when the chapter is released)
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And it’s done! At last the final chapter is out! Please enjoy and leave reviews, comments and likes. You’re such a great community! Thank you so much for reading my understanding of what it would be like to be an Exo.
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You should have a part about jaren ward, shin malphur, dredgan your , the last word, and the thorn.


Did you enjoy the story though? Where could I have added them? Thanks for reading BTW:-)