WTF is up with Rezzing?


Okay, so I have been mulling over the topic of WTF is going on with guardians when they are rezzed (initially). I have been finding a good deal of brain food and some… unexplained things in my opinion.

To get right into this we have the fact of the lack of memory. Which has been attended to, but I have more questions. First off, we can’t remember any of our past yet we are fully articulate and can speak fluently hot off the press. We can think clearly, know how to use weapons, put on armor, use our abilities, understand and comprehend complex topics and other such abilities that are on the level of someone who has many many years of experience and knowledge.

So WTF is going on with that? It’s not like you can be born and instantly start making an exotic weapon. You can’t crawl out of the womb, get up and walk away to solve the mysteries of the universe.

My next question has to be… why does our guardian just go “mk seems legit” after being told they have been revived to kill a force of evil called the Darkness which is a multitude of different alien races and that they are immortal super soldiers that are borught back to protect this mysterious orb that produces this magical energy that defies all logic and is COMPLETELY silent even though people just say it’s been “crippled.” Yeah, nothing unusual about that. Sure we have just been rezzed with no memory of anything (still makes no sense we can comprehand any of this but mk) and have no idea where the hell we are and who the hell we are, but that’s not really how most people work…

Really, I just want answers, theories or speculation will do, just a little more brain food. Personally I believe that it’d be more realistic and funny if guardians were rezzed with the intelligence and articulation of a new born. The mental image is hilarious, but what do y’all think?

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one we already have a topic for this but here, ill repost this
(might be spinfoil)
well mate I had a theory on this (well Ulan Tan had a theory but I agree) that when a guardian is resurrected the ghost pulls the guardian from a different timeline, the harder it is that that certain guardian could survive, the longer it would take (hence that in some areas it takes longer to re-spawn)
therefore if this is true the ghost wouldn’t have to “recreate” advanced cells

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Also just think about how Drifter originally was Risen, and his reaction in “The Man With No Name”


I was thinking more so, why when they don’t remember anything, can they preform functions that take years to develop.

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Muscle memory tied to the soul perpahs?
Would make sence if the theory about pulling a guardian from another timeline if killed in yours main timeline. When ressurected first time you’ll know the basics of everything you used to know such as functions of weapons and interactions.

Maybe knowledge learned after the first ress are stored in your soul so when ressed the second time you’ll have the previous knowledge.
That’s my thoughts on this subject but this is not stated in-game as far as I know.

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This would make sense buuut why then do we remember nothing from before Rez 1 that pretains to who we were as a person but also how to comprehend complex concepts. The muscle memory theory is probably the best explaination as to how we can move and pick up/grab things and use our arms as normal but if that’s the case then we would also have to have our past memories all in all, because muscle movements essentially function like a less complicated memory. And that doesn’t reallly explain how we know how to talk but currently it’s the best bet.

As for using the soul thing, welll by that logic, wouldn’t we remember who we were and all if that’s how it worked? Because I am pretty sure you remember who you were when you enter the after-life (if you believe there is one). So if that’s the case, then the Ghost/Traveler is intentionally erasing you from you. Which (now that I think about it) would be a pretty kick ass dramatic reveal and would certainly create a bunch of tension that could be reeeeaaaallly interesting… huh. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Maybe Rezzing can be seen as a form of Reincarnation? You don’t remember your previous life?


Maybe since muscle memory is simple, yet an actual recreation of an entire event is not, that’s why. You can remember a simple command, but can you remember what happened throughout the entire day when you heard that command? (I.E a Command “Data” < Video “Data”.)


Yes that would make sense in some places but would make noooo sense in others. And yes the second one also makes sense, but then being in places you once were and seeing things you once saw would trigger memories.

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Not quite. If they could not, at all be replicated, then no memory would be triggered, as they don’t exist. While in actual memory, a very faint imprint is left rather than it isn’t there, at all. (Unless, of course, you’re an Exo.)


The Light prevents past memories from resurfacing as a Guardian. Exos are able to remember their name, and that’s pretty much it.

EDIT: Past memories from before being a Guardian.

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Well it hasn’t been unheard of to have the other two to have visions of their past so something is there…

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Hm… this seems like a big ass cover up to me…


Can’t have abstract thinking if you’re trying to make an army.

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Warlocks gave a big “hell no” to that…

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And isn’t it such a treat to be a Warlock?

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The Light scrambles the Exos past memories as it collides with the repressed memories from the Resets. (DED, Disassociative Exomind Disorder), I will find I citation for this, but from what I remember, Exos remember past memories because the Light scrambled their Memory crud that allows that.
As for Abstract thinking, the reason they made Human robotic soldiers is not because they wanted an army, it’s because they possibly wanted people who could think and not be taken over by the Vex. Or they could realize whether or not they were in a simulation. Tl;dr they wanted soldiers that could think and realize where they were rather than basic dumb robots that didn’t know anything about the vex, and were more responsive than using a drone.

As for unheard of, I want to see your sources as to where they could have gotten visions of their past. Case in point, Ana Bray. She didn’t have any visions, rather, she had connections to Clovis Bray that allowed her to figure out her past.

As for Awoken? They may be Ethereal as all hell. But the best they have are Psionics. And other Awoken being able to tell them. They don’t get “Visions” similar to the Light. While an Exo has those memories, and remembers scraps, and bits. Along with dreams. (Citation needed, the one with the Deepstone Crypt.). So do get back to me on that.

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The Abstract thinking was more meant to describe Guardians, but clearly, that didn’t go as intended.

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Even then, the statement makes no sense. Could you possibly explain?