Adventure- Poor Reception


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Name: Adventure- Poor Reception
Recorded: 2017.10.22


++ Outskirts, EDZ
Hawthorne: Getting some weird feedback on the comms. Dev, did you put your teacup on the broadcast switch again?
Ghost: Looks like these Fallen Shanks are rerouting the signal.
Hawthorne: Try dismantling one and taking a close look at the insides.

**The Guardian brings down a Shank and retrieves an Intact Shank Core
Ghost: This core- it’s amplifying some kind of broadband amplifier. Their signal is blocking transmissions all across the dial.
Devrim: After all the work you did setting up Suraya’s broadcast? That just won’t do.
Ghost: There’s a signal antenna nearby. I can use the core to find the source of whatever the Fallen are doing.

**The Guardian arrives at the antenna
Hawthorne: Why do you think they’re trying to jam us Dev?
Devrim: They missed their opportunity to take over this area after out friend touched the Shard.
Hawthorne: And now they’re too scared to fight us head-on. Typical Fallen.

**The Fallen interrupt Ghost
Ghost: I’ve lost the connect. The Fallen are jamming us.

**The Guardian defends Ghost as he traces the source.
Ghost: I’ve found the source. It’s underground. DEEP underground.
Hawthorne: That figures. Fallen love dark places.
Devrim: Especially with the Red Legion all over the Dead Zone.

**The Guardian approaches a cave entrance.
Ghost: This tunnel looks promising.

++Scavenger’s Den, Lost Sector, EDZ
**The Guardian enters an antechamber of the cave.
Ghost: Fallen banners. We’re definitely on the right track.

**The Guardian defeats a Captain, disabling a barrier.
Ghost: They’re really built up down here. We need to remember this place after we retake the City so we can clear it out for good.
Hawthorne: Or, we can let the Fallen have their creepy caves and not sacrifice more people.

**The Guardian kills an Ultra Captain
Ghost: With that shield down, I can finally get a read on the source. Its close.

**The Guardian finds the source.
Ghost: This is it. Hold them off, and I’ll use that Shank core to shut down the signal remotely.

**Graxus , Blind Captain is defeated.
Ghost: Just before you took out that Captain, I fried all their broadcast capabilities. No more jamming.
Hawthorne: That means people will be coming to the farm from all over the planet. Once we get that last relay setup, we can reach out to the rest of the system!
Ghost: Then we can start rallying Guardians to strike back against the Red Legion.
Devrim: There will be plenty of time for both. For now, head back when you can, you two.

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