A Challenger Rises

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Name: A Challenger Rises
Video URL: A Challenger Rises | Welcome to the H.E.L.M. | Season of the Chosen - YouTube
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Recorded: 2021.02.09


++ The H.E.L.M., The Last City, Earth

** After defeating Commander Dracus in one of Caiatl’s Rite of Proving on Nessus, the Guardian returns to the Last City.

Zavala: Welcome aboard the HELM, Guardian. The Hub for Emergency Logistics and Maneuvers. Here you’ll find the assets and information you need to complete our most time-sensitive operations. We’ll continue upgrading this space as situations in the system evolve, so check in often to get the latest developments.

// NOTE The Guardian listens to a transmission from Caiatl.
Caiatl: Warriors of the empire. I see your fury. For years, you have waited for your leaders to reclaim you. But time has not changed your nature: Your rage becomes the swing of the clever, the thrust of the shield, the shout of the cannon. I send out a challenge to the remains of the broken Legion: prove your worth in battle. The ancient rites live again. The triumphant will become the first members of my war council. We are Cabal. We eat the mountains. We drink the seas.

** The Guardian goes to the War Table and receives a notification from Osiris.

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** Commander Zavala contacts the Guardian through a holographic transmission.

Zavala: Well done disrupting the Cabal on Nessus. I wish… that was the end of it. But unfortunately, it’s just the beginning. Empress Caiatl has emerged as the new face of their empire and demanded I pledge loyalty to her. Our conversation went as well as you might expect. [sighs] Thanks to the information you recovered, we know this: former members of the Red Legion and other leaderless Cabal are all competing for a seat on Caiatl’s war council. In an effort to prevent Cabal reunification, I’m assembling a team to take out her aspiring commanders. Lord Saladin will act as field commander, and Osiris will report directly to me as my advisor. He’s appointed a new Hunter — Crow — to be your reconnaissance expert. As always, Amanda Holliday will provide air support. Your task is simple: defeat Caiatl’s commanders across the Sol System. Once you eliminate her leadership, Cabal in-fighting will prevent Caiatl from amassing real power. If we miss this opportunity, another all-out-war will become inevitable. Good luck.

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