Adventure- Exodus Siege Transcript

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Name: Exodus Siege
Recorded: 2017.09.25


++Exodus Black, Arcadian Valley, Nessus
Zavala: Guardian, there’s a cloaked Fallen in your vicinity. Neutralise it, we need to confirm a theory.

** Guardian finds and neutralises cloaked Fallen. It drops a ‘Scout Report’

Ghost: We found something on the body. These are coordinates to the Exodus Black!
Zavala: Indeed. We have reports that the Fallen plan to destroy Failsafe’s mainframe and scrap her for parts.
Ghost: Not on our watch. We’re on our way Failsafe.
Failfase: Thank you very much. Continued existence is on of my prime directives. It was the Cayde-unit who lead the Fallen to me! He totally blew my cover. All of this is his fault.

**Guardian runs to the Exodus Black

Ghost: Zavala, I’m picking up a Fallen signal from a nearby cave. I think thats where they are getting their orders. How about we take out their leadership?
Zavala: That’s how you ended the House of Wolves. That’s how you folded the Red Legion. Do what you have to.

++ Chamber of Sky

Ghost: I… wow
Zavala: ‘Wow’ is not a helpful term on the battlefield Ghost.
Ghost: So the Fallen signal is coming from behind a massive barrier powered by Vex tech. Looks like they’ve stolen themselves a toy.

**Guardian overrides the barriers using charges.

Ghost: Now lets see who’s been sending these Fallen to kill Failsafe. And kill them back.

**Elyksul, Assault Leader fights the Guardian and is killed

Ghost: Alright, I think we’ve got this taken care of. That Fallen crew won’t be bothering you anymore, Failsafe.
Zavala: Good work, all of you.
Failsafe: You have my thanks friendly Ghost, Captain. You are clearly optimised to solve problems created by the Cayde-unit. That must be one of your designated day-to-day functions!

**Along the North wall, Ghost finds something interesting

Ghost: This isn’t like other Vex I’ve seen. I think its a relic from past iterations. Or maybe… future iterations. You can never tell with the Vex.

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