Adventure - Hack The Planet

Name: Adventure: Hack the Planet
Recorded: 2017.10.27


++Hallows, Nessus
Ghost: Hey, team. I know how we can hook Failsafe up to the Nessus core and mine all the data we could ever want. Just help me place these beacons and I’ll explain!

**The Guardian deploys the first beacon.
Ghost: These beacons should allow us to hook Failsafe into the Nessus core. Think of all the data she could pull!
Failsafe: It is a proactive and clever plan, friendly Ghost! I still think its a bad idea.

**The Guardian deploys the second beacon.
Ghost: This will work, trust me! You know how I usually hack and scan stuff for us?
Failsafe: I do!
Ghost: This one’s all you.
Failsafe: How fun.

**The Guardian deploys the final beacon and goes to unlock the Nessus Core.

++Watchers Grave
Ghost: The core is open! Get ready, Failsafe!
Failsafe: I am practising my best Vex impressions. Please do not let them capture me, Captain!
Ghost: Just treat it like tight-rope walking. Don’t think about it.
Failsafe: You’re not helping.

**The Guardian approaches the jump rings.
Ghost: You can do this, Failsafe. I believe in you!
Failsafe: If they kill me, I will haunt your shell.
Ghost: Haha… heh.

**The Guardian connects Failsafe to the core of Nessus.
Failsafe: I have interfaced with the Nessus core!
Ghost: See? Easy! Grab everything that’s not nailed down!
Failsafe: The Vex are attempting to impede my progress. There should be a conflux nearby. Please stabilise it for me.

**The Guardian stabilises the conflux.
Failsafe: Thank you, Captain! Now eliminate those data cubes. They contain security protocols that are blocking my progress.
Ghost: You’re a pro! I knew this could work.

**The Guardian destroys five data cubes.
Failsafe: The Vex are fighting back. I have marked other Confluxes for stabilisation. Destroy the cubes they generate!

**The Guardian stabilises the other confluxes and destroys the data cubes just before a Network Minotaur appears.
Ghost: Failsafe! The Vex have sent a Mind after us! Failsafe? Any updates?
Ghost: OK. So. She’s been captured by the Vex. Ugh. I’m so sorry, I can fix this! Get me the data core from that Mind!

**The Guardian retrieves the Vex Mind Core from the Network Minotaur and heads through a Vex Teleporter.

++Chamber of Water, Nessus.
Ghost: Failsafe’s gotta be in here somewhere. Help me get rid of the interference from these Confluxes, and I should be able to lock onto her position.

**The Guardian destroys the data cubes and stabilises the confluxes.
Ghost: Got her! They’ve locked her in a cube construct. Take out the Vex, and we’ll free her. I hope it’s not too late.

**The Guardian uses data cubes to destroy a Network Cyclops guarding Failsafe.
Failsafe: Thank you, Captain. I have spent the last decade speaking with a fellow prisoner.
Ghost: A decade? It didn’t take us that long!
Failsafe: Time must work differently within the Network. He was a very good listener. It’s a shame I couldn’t take him with me. He showed my a myriad of potentialities for this galaxy. How the Vex intend to shape them. I will share them with your Vanguard.
Ghost: I’m so sorry I put you through that.
Failsafe: But you did! And I never forget those who wrong me.


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