Adventure: No Safe Distance


Name: Adventure: No Safe Distance
Recorded: 2017.11.26

++The Sunken Isles, European Dead Zone

Sloane: Good, someone I can count on. The Cabal are moving high-yield explosives through that base. You need to neutralize them before they’re used against us.
Hawthorne: I still think we can put them to use somehow, but I’m letting Sloane have this one. Either way, we need their location.

**Guardian kills a Quartermaster and obtains a delivery manifest.
Ghost: Whoever this was had a delivery manifest. It says most of the explosives are already gone, but there are still some left in the base.
Hawthorne: No problem. Sloane says you can use your transmat juice to blow them up in a safe location.
Sloane: “Transmat juice”?
Hawthorne: Oh, like you know how it works.
Sloane: That’s not relevant. Get into that base, and find those explosives.

++Legion’s Anchor, European Dead Zone

**The Guardian transmats three explosives out of the base.
Sloane: There are heavy tanks near your position. Get out of there before they come online.
Hawthorne: Wait, wait, wait! Head outside you two!
Sloane: The tanks are outside.
Hawthorne: Trust me!

**The Guardian heads outside to where the tanks are located.
Ghost: They’re offline, like she said.
Hawthorne: Perfect! Now you can re-transmat those explosives.
Sloane: Hawthorne, that is some good improvisation.

**The Guardian plants explosives on each of the three tanks.
Ghost: Okay, I’m going to arm all the explosives at once. Keep me close so there’s no signal interference.
Hawthorne: You’re gonna get plenty of other interference from the Legion.
Sloane: Hold that position. Those tanks are too important a target to leave standing.

**Guardian defends Ghost from an onslaught of Red Legion while Ghost arms the explosives.
Ghost: We can use the login from that quartermaster for a remote detonation.
Hawthorne: Using their explosives to blow up their tanks. I have pretty good ideas.
Sloane: No argument here.

**The Guardian detonates the explosives, destroying all three tanks.
Hawthorne: I bet that was quite a show.
Sloane: A well-timed tactical withdrawal is probably wise.
Hawthorne: Much as I hate running, Sloane’s right. Get out of there you two.

++Sunken Isles, European Dead Zone
Ghost: We’re clear.
Sloane: We’ll try to track down the explosives that got away. In the meantime, great work. Those tanks would’ve been a lot to handle.
Hawthorne: We make a great team, everyone. Let’s do this again sometime.

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