Adventure - Postmodern Prometheus

Name: Adventure: Postmodern Prometheus
Recorded: 2017.10.27


++Lost Oasis, Io

Asher: I have planned a novel experiment, and you shall be my guinea pig. I need you to gather radiation. Move. Go. Shoo.
Ghost: We’re happy to help, but why? What’s the experiment?
Asher: I am trying to create synthetic Light! If this experiment succeeds, then perhaps we can make new Guardians here.
Ikora: It won’t work, Asher. The energy here is not Light, and science cannot manufacture blessings.
Asher: So you say, but you have not stopped me, have you? You want this to work! And it will! My theory is sound!

**The Guardian passes through radiation hotspots.
Ghost: Field team to home team. We are 100% irradiated.
Asher: Excellent. Now we’ll need calibrations. Act naturally, assistant. Go punch something.

**The Guardian calibrates Asher’s test equipment with Vex melee kills.
Ghost: I’m sending that data back now, Asher. Um. Should we keep punching, or-?
Asher: No! My field equipment is ready. Go to the test site.
Ikora: If this works, it will change everything.

++Terrabase Charon, Io

Ghost: Think we’re coming up on your test site, Asher.
Asher: You simply need to activate the field equipment to begin. And be gentle with it! It’s yours to replace if it breaks!

**The Guardian starts the experiment.
Ghost: Okay, Asher, something’s definitely happening, but we’e got a lot of Taken coming in.
Asher: Yes, yes. I expected they would be drawn by the antiumbral pulses.

**The Guardian protects the experiment equipment.
Ghost: It’s creating some kind of energy. Huh.
Asher: I’m seeing extreme variance in my data. The Taken must not be allowed to interfere with this experiment!
Ikora: Extravagant light shows can’t create Guardians.

**Using the energy generated by the experiment, the Guardian defeats the Taken and the Vex.
Ghost: All clear at the test site. Um, you guys have any results? Heh, this thing isn’t gonna put the Traveler out of a job, right?
Asher: Unfortunately, my predictions appear to be flawed. Your Light cannot pass to another. Nor can the “power” created by this experiment.
Ikora: What he means is, “No.” We cannot creat or take Light. Only the Traveler can choose to gift us with it.
Ghost: Let us know if we can help with anything else. I didn’t think it would work either, but… You can’t help hoping for a miracle.

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