Adventure- Release Transcript

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Name: Release
Recorded: 2017.09.24


++ The Tangle, Nessus

Failsafe: Captain, the Vex appear to be capturing Fallen. I have traced a high number of prisoners to a cave near your location. Imprisonment by the Vex is not a fate I would wish on anyone! Perhaps we can help.
Ghost: Failsafe, just so you know, the Fallen probably won’t thank us for helping them.
Failsafe: Trust me. Either way, you’ll be doing them a favour.

++ The Mists, north of The Tangle

Ghost: We’re in. I’ve never done a prison break before!
Failsafe: Good luck Captain!

**The Guardian clears the first chamber of the cave freeing the Fallen who then turn on the Guardian. Ghost picks up something interesting.

Ghost: This device is ordinarily used to shield a Vex Gate, but not any more. It looks like a buckler from stories they used to tell in the City. The really old stories. Before we even knew what a Vex was.

** The Guardian navigates their way through the cave system

Ghost: There sure are a lot of Fallen down here. I’m picking up barriers ahead and below us. Deep below us.
Failsafe: Captain, that could mean more prisoners. You should free them!
Ghost: Failsafe, they tried to kill us.
Failsafe: Better that than dying in a cage.

**The Guardian kills the Vex prison wardens and free the Fallen, who then turn on the Guardian. The Guardian defends themselves from the freed Fallen before moving deeper into the prison.

Failsafe: Captain; the Vex collective is sending a response to your prison break!
Ghost: Ha! Too late to stop us. If its a fight they want!

**Vex enemies teleport into the prison and the Guardian fight them all off.

Ghost: All clear! Not a single Vex or Fallen in sight. I’m sorry it had to end this way Failsafe.
Failsafe: The attempt was appreciated friendly Ghost.

**Ghost finds something interesting in a hidden cave below the prison

Ghost: I think they are running a test to see if they can get this thing to self-replicate. And failing, thank goodness. If the Vex were able to manipulate matter that easily, we’d be in a lot more trouble.

** Pushing further into the prison, Ghost wants to scan a Vex relic.

Ghost: They’ve taken- wow- a lot of Fallen. This is just the tip of the facility. This group was told they could “terminate each other” and the survivor would be set free. None of them fired a shot, except us, I mean. Gotta admire that loyalty.
Failsafe: We all learned something today.
Ghost: Yeah, the Vex are the worst.

** On a recess above the Vex relic, Ghost scans a crystal

Ghost: This crystal is made of the same material as the Lighthouse on Mercury. Remember the first time we went there? I wonder if its still out there.

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What with the discovery that Enemy of my Enemy has a secret ending if you are not trigger happy now has me wondering if something similar could be triggered in this adventure.

(Also, Ive never been to the lighthouse, but Ghost still told me I had)

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Created Release based on this post.

I can confirm, I had to kill both Vex and Fallen. It wouldn’t let me progress ‘Clear the room’ without killing everything.