Adventure - Reversing the Polarity

Name: Adventure: Reversing the Polarity
Recorded: 2017.10.27


++ The Gulch, European Dead Zone
Devrim: Ah, it’s you! Ikora will be pleased.
Ikora: Guardian, I need you to test a theory. Find a power core in a disabled Red Legion tank, install it in a supply console, and stand back.

** The Guardian sabotages the console.
Ghost: Well, that was as good as advertised.
Ikora: The Red Legion has brought a new weapon online, one powerful enough to threaten the Farm and everything around it.

** The Guardian heads towards the firebase.
Devrim: While you’re in transit, I’ll try and fill in the gaps. Back in the City militia, we used to see the Fallen try to repurpose technology from other races and fail rather explosively.
Ikora: Conversations with Devrim surfaced a memory from my studies: the Cabal are made up of many different races. They have always struggled to adapt to a single technology.
Ghost: I’m not sure I understand.
Devrim: That new weapon is an artillery cannon too big for you to blow up. But you could exploit that weakness.
Ghost: The thing with the power cores. Sold.

++ Firebase Hades, European Dead Zone
Ghost: Okay, munitions system unlocked. Now to expose the power cores, I need to override the maintenance schedule.

** The Guardian overloads the three firing mechanisms by exposing the power cores and then transferring them.
Ghost: That artillery cannon will be offline for minutes. I mean, weeks. I think.
Devrim: The Cabal never were very good at details. Good thing for us.
Ikora: This is another step to ending them for good. Well done, Guardian.

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